How Did YOU Leave The Organization??

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  • crinklestein

    I started leaving by fading away. I started fading after the elders refused to answer questions that I had concerning things that seemed to be contradicting. At first these questions that I had were actual, honest questions and they had no malice or intent to them. I just noticed some things and wanted some answers. I started asking some of the friends and they didn't know and acted a little concerned that I would even be thinking about things like this. Concerned over thinking...that worried me a little. Then the elders asked me in to the BACK ROOM where they confronted me about the questions I was asking. So I asked them. They flat out refused to answer them and told me, in so many words, that if I didn't stop asking these questions then it would be considered apostasy. That really pissed me off. I could see that their interests were not in finding truth but maintaining the status quo. I short time later I moved to another state which, while my previous congregation was known for having lots of love, this new one was very cold. This hastened my desire to not be a part of this organization any more, though I clinged to its beliefs for two more years. Then my eyes were opened. I decided to make the big leap and leave the org. I did this silently. I didn't tell anyone in the org at all. I just up and moved to a new state and haven't heard anything more since.

  • Preston


    After a good cry, cause there was enough evidence in my opinion which caused me to believe that there was enough flasehood in the organization to bring the entire "paradisaic hope" into speculation. I stoped going. Like Valis, even alll of my "friends" that I knew for years didn't really care, nobody decided to visit me after that except for the cicuit overseer who wanted to remind me that I wasn't a ministerial servant anymore. By and by my exit was a sinch, it helps to have a non-loving or non-genuinely emotional group of people who will watch you as you and your car go down in flames..... sadist but true....

  • minimus

    It's a great religion TO LEAVE!

  • redhotchilipepper

    I guess I officially left after the assembly this summer. "Walk with God". I felt really good at the assembly. Maybe just really brainwashed. They used that phrase over and over. It's amazing how many times they said it. The overall theme stuck with me for a few days and then it was gone as fast as it came. That was it. No more meetings, no more elders, no more service, no more slavery to that Organization. I decided to finally have a truly personal relationship with my creator on my own terms. Not those set out for me by an organization that doesn't even follow the bibles principles and guidelines. An organization that uses words like disfellowshiping, disassociating. Words that aren't even in the bible. Actually they use alot of words that aren't biblical or even in the english language, I don't think? They have their own lingo apparently. I'm still in the process of leaving. I'm not sure exactly what that process is but I'm trying to leave as obvious, but as discreetly as possible. It's a real catch 22. If you know what I mean. I figure if they just think that I'm totally nuts and off my rocker then maybe they'll leave me alone. Now I'm trying the, I'm losing my mind approach. Which they are making me do anyway, so it really isn't a lie. Leaving the Org. is tricky, risky, business. We should all make a movie about it. I'm sure we'd all be rich.

  • minimus

    RHCP----just be careful and start making lots of worldy friends in the meantime....I love "worldly".

  • Poztate
    I walked straight out of Bethel that evening Leo Grennlees told me he didn't love me anymore.

    I find that hard to believe...I heard that Leo loved everyone whenever and where ever he got the chance.

  • orangefatcat

    Minimus, it was very simple thing for me. I went to the Kindom Hall on the Sunday acted like I always do with kindness and respect and love in my heart for my brothers and sister. knowing I would never return i feel some of them since something wasn't right, because during the meetting I had tears going down my cheeks. I tried to keep my composure at all time. My heart was heavy and when I said good bye to our friends I felt ill inside out knowing I would never step foot in the kingdom hall again.

    so I left that sunday and on Dec 24 I went to a womans shelter and started my new life all over again. In the shelter the co-ordinator was a great person and I told her I had just left the JW organizaation after being a witnes for 38 yrs and she looked at me and said I knew you were different. Then she said to me that she was raised as a Jehovah's witness, but left when she was in university and told me her mom is still an active Jw who is always on her case. So she undestood where I was coming from.

    well the next morning was Christmas and i recieved tons of gifts and stuffed animal and candy and money. I was so overwhelmed by the loving and care shown to me I was nearly blown away.

    So I haven't looked back one bit since that time, witrh no regrets, I am now free as free can be and I love it.



  • minimus

    GOOD 4 U, OFC!!!

  • Scarlet

    I had doubts for about 6 years before I left. Ever since I was about 15 I had things I didn't really believe and I made those questions known to my family who is filled with elders and pioneers and no one would answer them. I stayed a witness though because you had to be a witness as long as you lived under my parents roof. Then I married a witness and about 6 months after we were married we started fading and were completely out within one year. It was the best decision we have ever made and I think it made us closer and our marriage better.

  • candidlynuts

    i had a few (literal) knock down drag out fights with the then husband if i didnt want to go..(he was trying to be reinstated95-2000). i was totally invisible there if anyone said anything to me at all it was to ask how are the kids, how is the husband.. after he was reinstated i finally told him i was an adult and i dont WANT to go so i didnt go. i guess i quit going in 2000.. never a call or visit from elders.. left the ex in may 2001 , havent been back. cept for judicial commitee meeting when i was a bad girl and set my ex scriptually free so he'd quit bugging me for sex (even though i was living elsewhere he'd break in and bug me.. called 911 on him but didnt do anygood.). which is why i am now living a couple hours away from my kids.

    i got reprooved not df'd cuz i didnt have a relationship with the guy i went out with. told them i was being submissive to my ex and setting him free like he told me to lol.

    i dont miss going to the meetings. i dont miss the people,i dont miss being invisible,i dont miss the averted glances from self righteous prune faces, i dont feel like i have any less relationship with God.. maybe more of a relationship now than then actually.

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