Could You Post Here Then Return To The KH?

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  • Englishman

    Is it possible for someone to post reams of anti-JW stuff at this site, then repent for what they have done and go back to the Kingdom Hall to become fully-fledged witnesses once more?

    Do you think that it happens? A couple of posters that I have met personally and spent mutually enjoyable exchanges with, have actually disappeared off the face of the earth and covered their tracks behind them. I'm sure that in at least one instance, the guy has returned to the fold.

    Maybe it's me that they can't abide and it's nothing to do with JW's!!

    I just can't imagine someone posting stuff here and then going back though. It just defies all logic.


  • minimus

    The only way I could see that happening is to see and be able to talk to family and friends.....For me---NO WAY!!

  • Satanus

    Yes, i could see it happening. It isn't based on logic, but on emotional need. Some people miss the 'brotherhood' so much. Some exs find a new commraderie. They aren't likely to go back.


  • Markfromcali

    Posting anti-JW stuff is not the same as seeing it is not true. If that is the case, then the person is just bouncing from one side to the other - meanwhile they are very unsure and insecure inside about what the truth really is.

  • kwintestal

    NEVER! I am much better off out of the org. My life is much more complete. That is a question I asked Mrs. Kwin just last week though, she agreed that knowing what she knows now she won't ever go back either.


  • garybuss

    The Watch Tower leaders see it's not true . . . that's why they change teachings (opinion). The leaders (except Ray Franz) just have the freedom to change their opinions without getting shunned.

    People who are sensitive to shunning and can not live with rejection are much better off going back in appearance. They get to associate with their children and grandchildren and we still talk to them. If they go back on a fringe level just to keep contact with relatives, they are not very different than more than a few here.

    All that was required for approved association when I associated in the middle 1970's was the perception that I was a person of good will towards the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation. If members thought I approved of the group and if I supported some phase of the activities like occasional meeting attendance or help with some construction job, I was good to go.

    My problem was I have a very low tolerance for crap.

  • Poztate
    Is it possible for someone to post reams of anti-JW stuff at this site, then repent for what they have done and go back to the Kingdom Hall to become fully-fledged witnesses once more?

    When you say fully-fledged witnesses it implies that they fully support and believe once more all the BS that is taught by the WT.

    I don't believe that anyone can FULLY SUPPORT ever again an organization like the WT knowing what they know after being on this site for any time at all. I do believe that family involvement and pressures are what cause SOME to go back to "wallowing in the mire"

    I find it sad that this can happen but it will continue.I am also sure that the GB know that lots of the faithful will only stick around as long as they hold power over your family. If the day ever came when they quit the DFing and DAing policies there would be a stampede for the exits.

  • mkr32208
    If the day ever came when they quit the DFing and DAing policies there would be a stampede for the exits

    Absolutely I'd bet they would lose 30-50% within a month maybe more. I think that there are plenty of people who go back for lots of reasons. One biggie is how inanly simple it is to have "friends" in the borg... They aren't true friends but they are so easy. All you have to do is show up and you instantly have 100+ friends who will always be there for you... Unless you dont' do exactly as they say 150% of the time... Even if your asleep!

    It's also a good way to avoid responsibility you don't have to make decisions about wrong or right just let them do it. I had a good friend who got out, got into drugs and alcohol (and I don't mean in a small way!) woke up in jail a year later having spent almost 100k on drugs having been stabbed arrested for assault and completly blacked out for about 9 months... He remembers NOTHING for the entire summer and I honestly believe him I don't think hes faking that he can't remember it's really gone!

    Any way he decided to go back and when I said "dude WTF" he just said "if I stay out I'll never get off drugs (he had tried at that point) and in a few years I'll be dead. If I go back they will make sure I stay off they will guilt trip me and check up on me and thats what I need..." so he went back and I think he's "fairly" clean I think he still does a bit of coke but at least he's not dead...

    I think this is a good org for weak minded people...

  • JH

    It all depends on the reasons why a person left the JW's. We all left for slightly different reasons, so it's not out of the realm of possibilites that a person would go back if they could repair what went wrong in the first place.

  • jgnat

    Sure it could happen. I see the pattern all the time with battered wives. Here's the cycle:

    leave jerk ---> all men are jerks -----> I will never be with another man again --------> gets lonely ---------> finds another man --------> finds out he is a jerk --------> marries him anyways -------> can't stand him any more --------> see step 1.

    That is why it is critically important that anybody who is leaving a controlling/abusive relationship do some deep soul-searching and re-discovery of who they are and what is important to them. Dependent people as in the cycle above don't look too deeply in to their own soul for the reasons why. Instead, they orbit their abusers, constantly talking about them even as they hate them.

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