Best to worst...... as far as religions go.

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  • funkyderek

    The worst religions are those that get their morality from their mythology. If someone's morality is based on reason, and compassion for others, then it doesn't really matter where they think the world came from or where it's going.

  • frankiespeakin

    All religion is structure of thought and beleif.

    This authority to speak for the unknowable and to try and structure belief as true and not true should not be consulted as an authority,, because of its authoritarian stance. Dogma is assumption taking a authoritian stance.

    Revolution in man's mind is good and needed for survival of our species,,maybe it will involve a universal human mind we all connect with and and undergo a transformation in consciousness??And this causes us to move freely in the flow of life,,which we call time and space.

    I think the internet may be an 'evidence'(iffy very iffy,,, I know) that this hook up is not far off for the majority of the world. But don't ever take my word for because that too means nothing. And besides it's fun to play with ones imagination and see how far you can climb out of the box.

  • Valis

    hrmmm...if you could qualify what religions are based on for good or bad comparison I would say the Unitarians are at the top of my list and the JWs and other control freak religions rest at the bottom.

    I guess you could look at it based on some of these things.

    Political Involvement

    How they deal with child molestation issues.

    Charitable Works

    Community Involvement

    Maybe more things about bible belief, but I'll leave that to our religious friends.


    District overbeer

  • Carmel

    CRR, care to quote scripture? You won't likely find support for your contention in the Quran.


  • MungoBaobab

    I've noticed quite a few people from a particular religion are complete a-holes. They lie, stab people in the back, spread rumors, steal, cheat on their spouses, and worse, but they are quite active in their church. This particular religion teaches that if you confess your sins to a man with a funny collar, he will tell you to repeat a few nonsense phrases and all will be forgiven. You can go back to being an a-hole and all will be forgiven. But if you don't believe in God, then look out!

    Personally, I think that even the WTBTS instills a stronger sense of decency in its members than this other, quite large religion. My best friend is a member of this religion, as are several of my close friends. I'm not stereotyping all of the members, but I do feel this theology is detrimental and spiritually immature.

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