Non-JW teacher needing advice

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  • little1

    Formerout and XQ-why don't you go to war in PMs? You have hijacked this thread and turned it into a private argument which isn't going to help the teacher.

  • formerout


    I did invite XQ to start a new thread on it, and he did prior to your post. However I do not agree that it was a war or that the thread was hijacked. My suggestion to move it to another topic and XQ's willingness to do so, was out of respect to the Teacher. IMO enough had been said about cults that she could see the extreme measures that parents will take to prevent their children from learning about theories other than the WTBTS' teachings.

    I strongly believe that teachers should be aware of what their JW students have going on in their minds when they come to school. By having this insight they can better be equipped to present ALTERNATIVE teachings to what the WTBTS is teaching, and they can do so in the least threatening (to them) way possible. The teachers are certainly NOT going to get the WHOLE story from the JW's are they?

    Once again kudos to this teacher and all others that show the extra effort to really relate to their students.


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