As a JW did you "take a turkey" or accept the Xmas Bonus?

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  • core

    Yes - one Christmas was given a Turkey by a suopplier or someone so took it home and it was cooking away merrily with a delicious "Turkey" odour whilst the congregation book study was held in out living room. After the group one old brother said "is that a turkey cooking?" to which I replied - "yes - it was a gift from ..." (whoever cant remember now) He almost went apoplectic wuith rage and dragged his wife and children out of the house "bewfore they got contaminated" - how we all laughed at such nonsense - still took another 3 decades to convince me I was wasting our lives in the dub kingdom- - and the Turkey was the best we ever had and most useful as next week the Bether Truck delivery was held over for some technical/wqeather reason so we had to feed the truck driver brother and another brother he was training - guess what they got for complaints all vanished before us...told them what old brother had said and theylaughed out loud...dont think the meal contaminated them....the following week the old brother asked for a move from my group (oh joy to be rid of him!)

  • Peppermint

    I asked an elder once if I should.

    He said it was fine and to view it as a thankyou for the work done that year.

    I always thought this hypercritical, but took the turkey anyway.

  • Triple A
    Triple A

    As an outsider I admit that when my JW friend told me that she was going to work at a Christmas party serving food. Will I thought, "Isn't that helping Babylon the Great?" Than she started talking about how she liked working this dinner, since the lady always gave the servers extra for cash for working the celebration (not her word). Again I thought, "Isn't that excepting a gift which was given in the spirit of Christmas?"

  • darkuncle29

    The best turkeys are home grown; not only do you know what your cooking, but who. I raised turkeys for my last few years fading, nobody ever said anything to me about that.

  • Poztate

    I always took whatever was offered to me.A turkey,money,gifts...ANYTHING.

    I had to play a game with my mind however.They might say Merry Christmas but I would try to ignore the fact that anything I received was in fact perceived as a Xmas gift by the giver. I would excuse myself with the thought that I had in fact "earned" this gift and so it was not Xmas related at all.

    Hey...lets face it,as dubs we were used to playing mind games and having mind games played on us by the GB

  • garybuss

    As a Witness I was a turkey and my wife got the Christmas bonus.

  • Outaservice

    I was an Elder in good standing and owned a business with about 50 employees. I gave out turkey's on Thanksgiving and Christmas bonuses on Christmas. Nobody, even JW employees. ever complained or turned me in.

    Now that I'm not a JW, I have been giving ham's to the employees for Thanksgiving. Go figure!

    Outaservice (and presently out of hams)

  • stillajwexelder

    When I was an elder and a supplier gave me a bottle of Scotch at Christmas time, I always accepted - it just seemed right

  • MungoBaobab

    I would have accepted, had I ever been presented with anything. In fact, I went to the company Christmas party once, but that was only because I went out drinking with co-workers beforehand, and didn't trust myself to drive home. Shame on Brother Baobab!

  • ezekiel3

    The idea of a "Christmas party" is quietly going out of vogue with many professional companies/corporations.

    JWs are the only ones offended by "Christmas." Jews & Muslims, etc. also frown on a Jesus specific gathering.

    So many businesses are opting for "Year End" or other religiously ambiguous parties. This would allow a JW to go to such a party with a free conscience, even if the gift-giving spirit is cloaked as "bonus" or "recognition."

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