As a JW did you "take a turkey" or accept the Xmas Bonus?

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  • confusedjw

    I didn't. I felt it hypocritical to take a turkey abviously meant for Thanksgiving. I didn't like buying the Easter candy after Easter either as it was "food sacrificed to idols".

    Years ago at a place I worked they gave out a Xmas bonus which I returned. ( a few hundred dollars which we sure could have used) They assured me that it was an "end of the year" bonus. But is said Christmas on the slip of paper. The president of the company called me and I told him that next year if it said "End of Year Bonus" and the managers called it that I would accept it.

    The next year they changed it and I took it.

    Did you take the Turkey at Thanksgiving time? Xmas bonus?

  • Emma

    This was stuff my ex got from work. Did we take it? YES! We justified that it was part of compensation. Also, we had many mouths to feed and we were poor. Was it right? It was probably hypocritical but it didn't bother us.

  • freedom96

    Yes, I took the turkey, and had there been a Christmas bonus, I would have taken that too. My heart was never quite with the witnesses.

  • blondie

    Yes, we did. Christmas parties transferred to January and called EOY didn't work as well since they put up decorations.

    I know of JWs that went to church-sponsored food pantries.


  • badboy

    What this,blondie?

  • lawrence

    I was a self righteous dub and gave co-workers the turkeys and made a point to let people know that I donated the xmas gift for the worldwide work, seeing that the employer already thought I was nuts, there was no way to return the check. What a crock of crap!

  • Jim_TX

    I remember my first 'real' job that had benefits.

    The first year - in November - they gave all the employees a Gift Certificate (good at a local grocery store) at Thanksgiving - along with the regular paycheck - for something like $10 or $15.

    You better believe I used it! I remember that it was just enough to buy that 25lb. of dog food I needed (for my doggie - not me) - along with one or two other items I needed - to survive.

    I think I was a 'fringe' JW - and such things didn't bother my 'conscience' like it did others.

    I also took off on the holidays that were given to all the employees.

    After all... if you're gonna go down this road... you may as well say that if a JW doesn't celebrate Christmas - or T-Day - etc. they should report to work on these days (if they aren't on a Saturday or Sunday). *wide grin*


    Jim TX

  • drwtsn32

    Definitely accepted christmas bonuses. I don't know a single JW who refused money like that!

  • itsallgoodnow

    I didn't think it was too big of a deal to take that stuff. I know some witnesses who wouldn't cook a turkey on thanksgiving but maybe the next day. They can go to work on thanksgiving and christmas if they really want to be considered good christians, instead of staying home and enjoying the day off, as the "world" does.

  • iiz2cool

    Our elders told us it was perfectly acceptable to receive a Christmas bonus or turkey because it was a form of company profit sharing, and we were thus entitled to it.


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