Did this couple ever exist?

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  • vitty

    Hi sgt Pepper and welcome.

    Yes I have heard a similar "story" and thats all it is.

    I was also told by a witness that she was listening to a radio programme and a satanist was being interviewed. He said that he was in regular conversations with the demons and that they had told him there was only "one true religion" on the earth. And that they were targeting the youths of this religion. He also said they knew who they were.!!!!!!!!!!

    So thats that, they know who they are , thats the confirmation you need

  • LittleToe

    I heard it about four years ago, and it was purported to have occured the year before.
    It's amazing, that 5-20yr time-dilation thingy!!!

  • confusedjw

    Right up there with Fred Franz being the answer to a Jeopardy question of who the world's leading bible scholar was. As spoken by a local ass in a book study. I almost laughed out loud. Of course everyone nodded their heads in acknowledgement of this obvious fact. The dolt looked smug to have brought this golden nugget to the table.

  • AlanB
    But it was meaningless, nothing more then you and I wanting to ban Chocolate in Switzerland.

    Shhhhh no one is supposed to know about that either

  • BluesBrother

    They do love to go around . I was definateley told this by my elder sister , at least thirty tears ago.

    "Two young people associated with the Witnessess but not baptised attended (was it a seance or a ouija board session?) although it was the wrong thing to do. The spirits had difficulty appearing and asked if anybody had connection with J W's, fearfully they confessed. The spirits made a quick exit after that, saying that they "had to deal wth preparation for Armageddon"

    At least it went something like that. But I was told it in all seriousnesss

  • iiz2cool

    It's not just one couple - it's many couples across the country. It's all part of a disinformation campaign carried on by the UN. Also, many elders in congregations are actually members of militia groups who are secretly working in concert with the UN. No one knows their true agenda. Jehovah will reveal it in due time.

    These particular elders are easily identified by their generally nondescript appearance. They are of medium height and build, have short brown hair, and dark rimmed glasses. They are pasty faced, and show signs of theocratic inbreeding from being 5th generation JWs. They have perpetually vacant stares from going to too many meetings.


  • Sgt Pepper
    Sgt Pepper

    Thanks for replies

    Always thought this story was dodgy

    Amazing though how many of these urban myths are out there,

    Imagine somewhere near you today some "bible study" is being told "There is a brother in Eastern Europe who................"


  • TheOldHippie

    28 years ago, I had a friend who went pioneering in an area where almost 100 % of the people were Evangelicals, and healing and throwing out demons were daily occurences. A world-famous Evangelical directs his church from there. OK, they started a Bible-study with a girl, there was a great turmoil, strange events etc., which is all another story. But anyway, it ended with two demons leaving the girl, stating they had no more time for her, because they were in a hurry to prepare for Armageddon ......... So time was short - 28 years ago .....

  • TheOldHippie

    By the way, I used to wonder how stupid people were, when at televised quizes etc. they did not know which organization published the Watchtower, or what magazine do the JWs publishes etc. Nowadays I realize, we are not that well known at all, to people in general all sects are just one lump of strange people, and people do not read the magazines at all, or care about these questions at all for that sake.

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