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  • AlmostAtheist

    Some CO would always proclaim at assemblies, "Jehovah's people are the most highly educated people on earth!" Then would come the thunderous applause. It would be pointed out that reading the Awake every other week for years on end was the equivalent of a liberal arts degree. We were often told that seminary teachers often don't believe in the Bible themselves, so our education is better.

    We couldn't help but start to feel a little (a lot) arrogant about our "education" and "scholarship". And as pointed out by others, we had the truth, and that put upon us the weighty burden of sharing it with others, 'like warning of an impending hurricane'.

    The attitude is part of the JW package. The "stronger" a dub you are, the more of the attitude you'll express.

    And yeah, I was one of the ones in need of an 'attitude adjustment'.

    Some would argue I still do, but screw 'em.... ;-)


  • NeonMadman
    the slave class is incapable of lying and we know who the slave is because we take them and throw them into the pond to see if they can float .

    Well, I'd be in favor of the throwing them in the pond part.

  • BrendaCloutier

    The reality is, JW's don't have the corner on the market for haughty religious arses.

    There was an interview last night on ABS's World News Tonight with Dr. D. James Kennedy, Evangelical Minister and head of the Coral Ridge Ministries of CR Florida. He's also a TV evangelist...

    The interview was in regards to a press release that "Votors Deliver Moral Mandate; Now GOP Must Deliver for Voters".


    ?Now that values voters have delivered (votes) for George Bush, he must deliver for their (the voters) values,? said Dr . Kennedy

    He was asked something to the affect of "What do you say to those who don't follow your viewpoint". His only answer was "Repent!" The only explaination was that they obviously weren't christians and they needed to repent.

    Then he was asked, what if you are insulting others with strong christian beliefs? And his answer was "I don't care!". And he was sooooo smug!

    I don't usually cuss at the TV, but I was cussing and swearing at this .... butthead.

    He/they want to see a supreme court that will outlaw abortion and gay marriage.

    Aarrrgh. Seems to me that the moral minority has just become the moral majority and it scares the shit out of me.

    Peace. (I keep reminding myself, peace)


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I am ashamed to admit that I was one of the worst offenders....

    I was such a good JW that I wanted nothing to do with ANYONE who did not "want Jehovah". When the bricks finally HIT ME DEAD ON IN THE HEAD; I did not even see them coming.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Now that I got my rant for the day over.... and the question....

    Yes, I do feel a little embarrased by how I acted. But I was a teen and did what I did because I was supposed to. I was also inaffective. I never had a bible study, for which I'm quite proud!

    However, those at the door and at the mall and downtown streets who would talk with me made an impression. Even when I'd question my parents about it, they'd say that we had Jehovah's Truth and blessings, and they didn't. Since they heard about Jehovah and turned away, they were doomed. I just couldn't see it. My paren'ts answers were so lame. Of course I couldn't tell them that!

    My most embarrasing moment? Was when a girlfriend at 16 got df'd because her mom caught her in bed with stepdad who had been abusing her since she was 11. He only got a reprimand because a) she seduced him and b) he checked into some inpatient clinic. She walked in one sunday right after DF'ing and I looked at her so sadly, but couldn't run up to her and hug her. I felt she'd been screwed even worse by the JC.

    I've since been in contact with her and apologised for my behaviour. She understood, as much as it had hurt. Shes now a born-again and wont talk with me because I'm beyond christianity.... Some things, and people, never change.

    Hugs, and peace, and Happy Turkey Day!


    (Man, I'm really on a rant today, must be PMS)

  • heathen

    LOL neonmadman --- I just knew somebody would get my referrence. I don't know what their rule of thumb is on finding these people that don't know what the hell they are talking about and making them the most important people in the world , It looks to me like used car sales people who made a move to selling magazines because they had a conscience after all . How could they sit there with a straight face and declare," we were right all along" ?

  • PinTail

    Its the us and them out look, " we are good your not, you will die we won't".

    Look at it this way they control most everything you do, clothes you wear, how you wear your hair how long or how short on top of you head or on your face, where you drink your beer, what kind of sex you have with your mate, if you go to school or not (higher education), where you work, what holidays you enjoy, how much you can drink in your own home, what books you read in your own home, what web sites you search out this one included, what bibles you should use, what friends you should have, how high your skirts should be, if you should hunt or not, if you shoulld date a women or a man or not and test drive thhem to see if you want to spend the rest of your life with them ( I mean really I don't buy a car till I test drive it), what kind of wedding you can have big one perferably small to them, if you can have a party with booze, if you can go to a block party, what kind of music you can listion too.

    ( Now if anyone wants to add to this list feel free):


  • groovycat.

    A complete intolerance of anything that is not JW friendly - talk about blinkered and brainwashed. Really pi$$e$ me off.

    I was never of the over zealous type, but knew plenty of them. Even now - ten years after (was that not a band?) I left - speaking to some of my relatives, they still try to get a snippet in to a conversation.

    I suppose it's all down to human nature; if you really believe something, you want others to know. Not that I'm defending them, but how many of you would like to convince every JW you know about the real truth?

    I just can't stand their willful ignorance.

  • lisaBObeesa

    I left the JWs when I was 18 because I didn't believe they were God's One Right Religion.

    Saddly, I still thought I knew it all!

    I was such a self-rightous, bible know-it-all! I had the attitude, "I left the JWs because they are wrong. But thanks to the JWs, I know more about the bible than any other Christian." Imagine my supprise when I found out I was wrong about almost all of it!

    I am ashamed of how I behaved. What a jerk I was.

    I'm better now....really...

  • blondie

    I remember one sister who called on the minister's home knowing she was more than prepared to counter his statements. I went with her and watched as this minister dissected her statements with scripture after scripture. The minister never pulled out anything resembling the "Reasoning" book or a church magazine to do it either.

    It made me go back and take a good look at the proof texts that JWs use.

    Nobody knows it all and things are never black and white.

    Blondie (arrogant at times but not about that)

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