Close relatives who are not Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • heart2heart

    My opinion of, and feelings for my non-JW family never changed when I became a Witness. They never shunned me, let me make my own decision, and everything carried on (pretty much as) normal. I too never saw them as bad people - I come from a large, supportive, close-knit family and I always have seem them as good honest God-fearing people. I never really believed that God would kill them at Armageddon just because they belonged to "Christendom" and were "misled by Satan" (according to JWthink) - I could never bring myself to honestly think that about them. And now that I'm out of the org, I think we will enjoy a much closer relationship with them even though we live 2000 km away.

    As for Kwin's non-JW family, they have been so supportive of us during these last few months as we took the step to leave the org. The JW relatives think they are dragging us down and have influenced us to leave (they knew the truth about "the truth"before we did, but actually, we didn't talk to them about it until after the fact); but it has been great to support eachother because there is a lot of turmoil in the family, with it being divided about the org. We never shunned our relatives that were non-JWs - just maintained normal family relationships with them.


  • codeblue
    codeblue is true, we were told NOT to associate much if any with our relatives who weren't JW's. Because we were told all non-Jw's were: Bad Association.

    I never followed that rule. Yes, I associated with my non-JW relatives whenever I wanted. I loved them...their religion didn't matter to me.


  • Tigerman

    Fair Mind . . . I could probably understand your answer better if I knew if you were still in or not.

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