"Just being seen on the street is a witness."

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  • seattleniceguy

    Remember how the Witnesses used to always say that even if they didn't meet anyone home, just being seen by traffic on the street was a witness? As if the people driving by are saying to themselves, "Wow, look at those servants of the true God, bringing the waters of life to my door. If only I weren't so bull-headed, I might listen to them and attain a good relationship with my creator. But, alas, Satan's world doth grip my heart with a hand as cold as ice."

    I was just thinking about that, and I have to say, that's really over the top. And just to prove it, Witnesses should think about what goes through their minds when they see any other religious group, say, the Mormons, on the street.

    What do you think when you see those poor Mormon boys pumping it up a hill on their 10-speeds? Personally, I think, "Wow, they sure are working hard to bring me the message of life. Maybe I should give them a hearing ear when next they stop by." Yeah, right. What I really think is, "Man, I can't believe those guys actually ride bikes around all day in suits!"


  • candidlynuts

    the one time i tried street witnessing was as a 14 yr old during an assembly, an old man knocked me upside the head with his cane..

    taught me a lesson lol.. nevah again!

    as for being seen on the street while door to door.. i usually worked rural areas where you got a house and then drove 30 min to the next house :P

  • shotgun


    I even remember some service overseers saying it was a witness to the angelsguess they need the encouragement watching all their Debil worshipping brothers having fun tormenting mankind.

  • crinklestein

    Like humans are responsible for building up the angels. COME ON!!! That's a good point though on what do JWs think of when they see the Mormons doing their streetwork. I used to get very annoyed when they would come to my door. When I first felt that way I realised how everyone else feels when WE went to their doors. That's around when I started to slow down in the FS work.

  • MungoBaobab

    Yeah, that's such an "at-least-you-tried-your-best" platitude it's sad.

    What about this: Have you ever been in a car with/as a Witness and scoffed at the Born-Again bumper stickers on the car in front of you? "How ignorant to think anyone would be swayed by that," right?

    Then what about "dashboard witnessing," where a Dub will place volumes of Watchtower literature conspicuously about his/her vehicle? What a powerful, silent testimony to Jehovah's kingdom to parking lot pedestrians, indeed!

  • JT

    because we worked out territory so often i would tell the group or service meeting part that -- THEY KNOW WE WERE THERE

    you see on sat am we would pull up into an apt complex 400 apt and 800 cars and only 3 empty parking spots and we would take those- smile

    then in 1:15min we would be finished with 398 NOT AT HOMES- SMILE since no one would answer, we would hear folks talking and years ago they would get quiet once we knocked hoping we would leave,

    now they don't give a rats A$$ they keep talking and laughing while we are still knocking, we would hear TV on - SMELL BACON COOKING-

    heck folks would walk up the steps coming over to visit, and while we are standing there, knock on the dooor and say OPEN UP IT'S LEROY

    the householder would open the door -ACTUALLY SMILE AT US - even though we had been knocking for 5 min, let their guest in and CLOSE THE FREAKING DOOR

    YOU GOT TO LOVE so all we could tell ourselv es is WELL THEY SAY US OUT THEIR WALKING THIER STREETS SO A WITNESS HAD BEEN GIVEN BRO, hold up your heads and let;s head for KRISPY KREME and get some coffee and doughnuts and spend the rest of the AM riding from one end of the county to catch that PHATHOM RV- who took a tract 3 yrs ago


    we woj

  • blondie

    Home But Hiding HBH

    home but hiding
    An expression used to describe a {call} where someone is obviously home but has chosen not to answer the door. Sometimes we know someone is home because we catch them peeking out from behind a curtain. Most persons write off such calls as {not-interesteds}, though some will mark them down as {not-at-homes}.


  • codeblue

    Hey SNG:

    NOdenial and I were running errands today...and I said: " Are those JW's walking down the street?" (I thought I saw one of our tracts popping out of a Bible, feeling kinda paranoid lately).

    He said: No...they are Mormons.

    So, I must say I thought about your topic this afternoon........

    JT: your comments made me "smile".....thanks! so true!!!


  • XQsThaiPoes

    Hey that boy on a 10 speed is kicking our collective A*

    Actually I notice the wts does not knowwhat to do with american/every other devoloped country witnessing. I mean you litterally can do everything right and still talk to nobody. So now they are impling house to house is not good enought. They don't want to get rid of it or have people devote the 2 hours on satureday to other forms of witnessing. They want you to do the fruitless work and then try other methods. The reason I think is simply cash flow. A magazine comes out every week. So many JWs donate twice a month weither they place anything or not and most order more copies than they need (the idea of placing 1 mag in 8 blocks has not impacted donation habbits). If you said stop doing d2d many people would pick up less magazines and thus donate less.

    The wts alternatives are telemarketing (which not even the jw calling likes), and soliciting parking lots (yeah fight a turf war the kids with the backpacks full of perfume), and stores employees (like managers are going to call a meeting so the JW sales reps can offer them new products to stock the shelves with).

    The WTS should just do a tithe and buy magazine rack space. Heck if they get into wal mart many JWs life would be an endless loop.

    Go to work at walmart stock the shelves.

    Go to the hall stock the magazine counter.

    Go to take magazines from hall magazine counter to stock magazine rack at walmart.

    Go to buy groceries at wal mart then go home and stock your pantry.

    Go to sleep.

    Wake up!

    Go to walmart to restock what you bought yesterday.

    Rinse, wash, repeat!

  • seattleniceguy

    Omigosh - that glossary on jehovah.to is hillarious! Their definitions for agnostic and atheist cracked me up. The funniest thing is that they're totally serious about it!

    Also, I gotta say, JT, your posts crack me up every time!

    Thanks to everyone else who posted (didn't want to leave you out!).


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