Do You Feel A Spiritual Void?

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  • minimus

    Buddah and his buddies are cool.

  • frankiespeakin

    This thing called a "Spiritual Void"??What is it really?

    An emptiness of all beleifs? and/or All beleif systems?

    If that is what "Spiritual Void" is than perhaps that is a good thing, for I think that would make one neutral. Which they say is quite blissfull,, but,, I have never been there so I can not beleive or disbelieve whether it is true, I can inquire, but not search, inquireing requires identity,,, one's identity is lost through disbeleif and thus the searcher is gone.

    The inquirer remains only up to this drop off point. After that it is the great unkown and perhaps that is where the bliss comes from because the ego has also vanished and with it so has desireing ,,and there is no desireing as a whole beause the "self" is radiantly empty(no-thing).

    Yeah and I also herd that the "self" is in love with its "self" and that to experience this feeling of love is just too powerfull for a bodymind to feel,,and could drive a person nutty,,unless they really opened up to it and didn't fight it,,,so take your pick,,

  • Purza

    Absolutely not. I no longer pray either. And I feel no loss about it.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yet another good post, Min.

    Having been out 20 odd years I must answer NO, I do not search; nor do I feel the need for any religion. Spirituality is something else, and in my persona is different from religion ( at least as I knew it).

    I think it is natural and a normal reaction for the newly escaped ones to crave some sort of relgious healing; a searching for truth; etc.

    They should follow their hungers for Truth; and search if that is what will help them.

    In the end we must all satisfy our own perception of "Truth".

    The old saying applies......"This too, shall pass"....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Actually I think that the org had it close to right about organized religion being sectarian, and missing the purpose for which Christ died. The only problem was that they failed to include themselves in that assessment!

    I would like to find a group of believers in the Bible and what it says (maybe a house church where reading the Bible is the key thing). I crave the association - but I am trying to follow Ray's good advise and be patient. I think that to jump back into religion for me woulf be the wrong way to go. I do not judge others for doing that. I would be tempted to try a church with a small attendence that just showed true love for one another and de-emphasized doctrine as the key to life. I think that the key to life is accepting the sacrifice of Christ and obediently imitating his love.

    By the way - hello to any other hoosiers out there!


  • gypsywildone

    No, and I don't feel the need to worship anything either. I am happy, & I don't look for problems or reasons to be dissatisfied & make myself miserable the way I have seen some people do.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I felt no spiritual connection while I was a JW. None. Nada. Actually, I did have a feeling of being connected as a child, up until I was probably 8 years old, but this was soon squashed. This lack of connection was part of my dissappointment after I was baptised, that I just felt the same ol' same ol'. Except wet, cold, and in a bathingsuit before 10's of thousands of people. So there was no "void" to experience when I left.

    However, I have searched and researched and experienced several spiritual ways. I don't read as much as I learn from teachers, example, and experience. I'm sort of a "Show Me!" kinda person, even though I wasn't born in "Missoura".

    Buddhism has been of interest for many years. There is a Dharma center just opened in Portland that I want to look into. It's of interest because a friend whom I respect has known the master for many years. But getting off my arse is my biggest obstacle. It's becoming part of my 2005 resolution.

    I do feel spiritually connected. Every breath I take is of this connection. I pray nightly for "god"s blessings on so-and-so - not to god - god doesn't care, but for the good intent it sends into the universe.

    There are many roads to the ultimate goal - spiritual enlightenment. By keeping an open mind and not dissing any of it, even islam, christianity and catholicism, we will attain a deeper level of enlightenment.

    Dansk. I understand how spiritual enlightenment can overcome the fear of death. In shamanism this devine process is known as healing. One may not want to die, but in fatal illness (or just living), one comes to accept that it is part of the process and not to be feared. The other side is not to be feared, but not rushed toward, either.... I hope that makes sense.

    Hugs and peace


  • Poztate

    I feel no spiritual void at all.I do not feel the need to try other religious beliefs or doctrines.

    I believe all of religion and the concept of "spirituality" is just an invention of the human mind to try and explain away our existance.

    IF the answer...and the answer is God then it's about time he got involved in the s**t that he started down here.

    IF not I will stick to monday night football until something better comes along.

    yet another good post, Min.

    Hi Franklin J,

    Please don't encourage him...His post count is at 12418 already.I can see the day when we spend ALL our time just responding to Min.

    (just kidding)

  • pc

    I never felt a spiritual void. I have, however, found a church that I love. It was started by a small group of people in my town who left another church. Everyone for the most part is just happy getting together, reading the bible, having dinner ,and cementing our friendships. I feel more spiritual now then ever before.

  • Carmel

    No spiritual void here! Any "spirituality" was trained out of me by 14 years of JW upbringing. My life has been kind of a persuit to find out what "spiritual" actually means for me. I wonder if our Buddhist friends are still awaiting the return of the Buddha Maitrya-Amitabha..


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