Where were you last night....!!!!!!

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  • wizedup

    I've tossed this around alittle myself. How can a "brother" allow expression of dissension of scripture and policies and remain in good standing, when everyone else gets DF'd for looking cross eyed when they disagree? He insists he's in good standing and signs his real NAME to all his letters when he disagrees with the GB. But he won't tell you who he is.

    If he really planned on starting his own religion, he'd be GONE in a heart beat, since he says they know who he is.

    I think: He's a plant by the GB to give the disagreers a place to go to disagree knowing they are going to express their doubts somewhere anyway. (damage control) He lets them "get it off their chest" and confront all the issues they already found on the web all the while keeps them in the org. waiting on "Jehovah to correct matters" . The unsuspecting dubs think, "Wow, what a great brother, he knows prophecy, feels like we do, expresses his distress too, and is still there to help us stay faithful." e-watchman's thoughts echoes Brooklyn's theory in that "leaving the org is leaving GOD! "

    SO: The GB wins adherants both ways: those are willing to submit and those who disagree and the money keeps coming in. What a plan!

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