ARE JWs Snoops?

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  • Stephanus

    Good point Ranchette, next time you visit my bedroom, leave your mother at home! LOL

  • Ranchette


    I was laughing like crazy by the time I got to the third example!
    My mother sure likes to snoop in other peoples bedrooms.

    She taught me well though.
    Her bedroom is completly sterile and boring.
    I checked.He he


  • closer2fine

    After I left home and my meeting attendance was sucky - my parents broke into my apartment to snoop around.

    All growing up I knew my mom snooped through my stuff. When I graduated high school and was working full time, pioneering and paying rent - I asked that they stop going through my things, listening in on my calls and opening my mail. They said I was under their roof and they were responsible to Jehovah for me.

    BTW - they never found anything. In 19 years they never found a single thing. Do you think they trust me? Nah.

    Years later I'm married, inactive, a mother myself and when they come to visit I catch them snooping.

    *Sigh* I think it's a sickness.


  • DIM

    my mom used to go through all of my things over and over again. I must've bought Nirvana's "nevermind" about 3 times! The people in the hall where I grew up are notorious for spying on each other and backstabbing each other - my mom included. its funny how she tries to encourage me to do good (i'm now in the next hall over) while at the same time she slanders and spies on her fellow "brothers and sisters". sick.

  • ZazuWitts


    I remember telling you our mothers could have been twins! Once our family were guests at another JW family's home. I went to use the bathroom off their family room, found it occupied, so went to the bath off the master
    bedroom. When I walked in, I found my mother snooping through their nightstand drawer!! She was startled for a brief moment, relieved to see it was only me, and simply said, "I thought I locked the door."

    No explanation as to her actions - the woman had no shame. If the 'host' sister had walked it, I'm sure she would have claimed she was 'just looking for paper and pencil,' or some such flimsy excuse. And, furthermore, even if the 'sister' had had the 'nerve' to say something, such as "Well you could have asked me, I don't like people going through my things," I am certain my mom, would have replied, "WELL, what are YOU trying to hide." She was the master at turning her own devious actions on other people.

    Once, we were out in field service in the PO's car. He left his bookbag on the front seat, while he went to a house to drop off some lit to a housebound sister. Right in front of me, she took the opportunity to look through his satchel to see what she could find, probably looking for any tidbit she might be able to use to lord it over someone.

    If I wrote a letter to someone, I had to post it immediately, or lock it in the trunk of my car, or she would steam it open to see what I wrote.

  • Ranch

    Yes, our moms must have been sisters!
    LOL,These memories,there just too much!

    My mother used to read all my letters and listened in on all my phone calls.If I complained that I wanted privacy she said that it wouldn't matter to me unless I had something to hide and it was her right as my mother to moniter me.

    This really hurt me that she wouldn't trust me.I was a good girl.

    I seriously wonder what kind of person she really is.

    There were other snoopy JWs that I remember but she out does them all!

    My grown DF'd sister lived in a trailer for awhile on their property and when my sister would be gone my mother would think of an excuse to go over there and snoop away while there.

    She used to tell me what she found in her bedroom and other rooms!
    My sister realized this was happening and decided to give her something to find.
    She bought Play Girl and Play Boy mags,R rated videos and sex toys.
    She left them out and dared her to say something.
    That was funny.She got what she deserved!

  • blondie

    I know one family who had the book study at their house that put key locks on the bedroom doors and locked them when they had the book study. They had had money and jewelry stolen (oh my). I know one sister who put marbles (an old trick) in the medicine chest to see which child was getting into it. What a shock, when it proved to be a parent that was snooping.

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