ARE JWs Snoops?

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  • Zep

    On the the back of Awake june22 is a short little story!

    Last year, in Maryland, U.S.A, a man politely refused the WT and AWAKE magazines.His younger, however asked if she could have them, and the father said that she could.The two cleaning their car and putting trash in a nearby trash container[in other words a DUMPSTER]
    Concerned that the magazines might be discarded, the witness who offered them decided to return later[in other words late at night/early morning] and check the container[Container is such a nice word...but in reality its called a DUMPSTER...]

    I have a few questions...I mean, where would the WT get this story from, who would honestly sent them this story.Is this regular practice at Kingdom hall, to rumage through peoples trash cans...or public dumpsters or whatever?.The guy in the photo below talking to the women with horse looks a little too clean and happy for someone who's just been rumaging through a Dumpster BTW, he doesn't look like a snoop to me....Yeah, but its always the straight ones, hes probably wearing his mothers underwear under that trenchcoat!

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  • Dubby


    When I was street witnessing several years ago, This guy bought the WT & Awake! to make change for the bus. He then boarded. A few minutes later, a JW got off the same bus and handed me the rags I just sold. "he threw them in the garbage can on the bus", the dub said.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • Angharad

    Can you imagine how many thousands of out of date Watchtower and Awake mags are under peoples beds and in cupboards because no one wants to commit the ultimate sin of throwing one away

  • spectromize


    JW's are the biggest snoops on the planet remember we are trained that way from the kingdom ministry to weasel and observe our way around conversations, people, things in peoples yard for the ultimate goal of ramming a magazine down someboy's throat.

    We are also taught to be suspicious of anything that rings worldly even of our own brothers and sisters if we think something is not kosher.

    How many times have you heard of someone phoning an elder to see about whether someone is good association? I have plenty of times heard awful experiences in that respect.

  • ashitaka

    An interesting story...and sick....

  • Pierced Angel
    Pierced Angel


    It has just been recently that I have been able to throw out my huge stack of watchtowers and awakes. I remember not long ago when I felt really bad if I threw one out or stacked them in the house where they weren't being read.


  • Billygoat

    I remember the day I threw out all my JW literature. I had a pretty good collection of it. I felt so guilty afterwards. I woke up the next morning and rushed the curb, but the trashman had already come by. I seriously expected to be punished by it. Haha!

    But I kept the two green reference books (can't remember the names) and the My Book of Bible Stories. I still have them on my bookshelf for reference. Now that I've found this sight and realize how the WTS conflicted itself so many times, I'd wished I kept the books.


  • Zep

    hmmm, old thread!

    I think I had about 8 years worth of Awakes and WT's. I burnt them a few years ago. It just seemed ridiculous at the time, that I was hoarding all these magazines. So I burnt them.

    I kept the prophetic ones though...and the books! Still have them.

  • Francois

    When I was living with my uncle, the elder, I personally saw him get up in the middle of the night to go see if he could discover his newly baptised bible-study spending the night with his next-door neighbor.

    This new brother was getting on in years, his wife had died a couple of years before, and he was to say the least very lonely. And so my uncle was successful in his snooping and caught his former study in the "wrong" bed.

    Snoops? Shit.


  • Ranchette

    Yes they are snoops,
    Trained very well at it I may add.

    My mom is a professional SNOOP!

    One day she visited my sick mother in law and saw R rated rental movies in their bedroom.She wanted to turn my father inlaw in to the elders because he was an elder.I atalked her out of it for family relations sake.

    One day she was in my bedroom and was helping me change the sheets and she opened a drawer on my husbands side of the bed and found a hand gun!
    She wanted to turn him in he was the PO at the time.She was very up set but I talked her out of that one too.

    Another time she was in my inlaws bedroom again helping my motherinlaw pack for a move and my mom found a vibrator.
    She was shocked and disgusted that they were so "perverted"!!!


    I know there's more....


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