Watchtower Television Advertisement

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  • Elsewhere

    I wonder why he pointed out that they are free? Have some JWs complained at the idea of paying for advertisments?

  • lawrence

    Maybe they could show Serena doing a photo shoot and then play 5 seond clips of Prince and Michael, all the while presenting subliminal messages across the bottom of the screen like "The good life - serve Jehovah", or "We're well rounded folks, we love our kids" , or "Not everyone is too busy preaching, right Serena, you tell them Michael." Then again, maybe Ted could expound on "keeping the congregation clean and you'll have no worries when you bring your children to our Halls..."


    Some are apparently no longer available ...

    Protect Your Children (Public Service Announcement)
    The public service announcement Protect Your Children received outstanding recognition in September 2003 when it was nominated by the the National Television Academy for an Emmy Award in the category of Public and Community Service. This public service announcement is part of an ongoing effort by Jehovah's Witnesses to bring attention to Bible principles that can help families deal with some of the most complex social issues of our time.
    (No longer available)
    28k/56k or ISDN
    Teach Your Children (Public Service Announcement)
    "If you don't influence your children, who will?" This probing question introduces the third public service announcement of the series Love Builds Happy Families. In this brief spot Jehovah's Witnesses provide viewers with a snapshot of tried and proven advice for parents to consider.
    (No longer available)

    28k/56k or ISDN
    English or Spanish
    Love Your Children (Public Service Announcement)
    Children need a sense of security to overcome their fears, especially in times of heightened anxiety. Jehovah's Witnesses hope that the message in this public service announcement will encourage parents to take the time to listen to their children and talk to them, letting them know they are loved.
    (No longer available)

    The ones about child abuse needed a bit more creditiblity, I guess ...



  • Nosferatu
    Maybe they should try one with Claymation, like that old California Raisins commercial. Yeah, that would work!

    Yeah! I wanna see the California Raisins singing "Let's Watch How We Walk" Or how about a JW Max Headroom commercial? "Hey there all you Thir-Thir-Thir-Thirsty ones, Come and drink life's Wa-wa-wa-water fr-fr-free"

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Right after the molestation issue started to get publicity on the internet they ran an ad showing a little girl on a chat-line - on the other end was an obvious deviate pretending to be a young friend - then the parents saw what was happening and 'saved' the child from serious problems. The subliminal was - Look we are doing our part to protect children, it is safe among Jehovah's witnesses. Come join us. - what they didn't say was 'in the pedophile paradise we have created' with our 1300 BC thinking of community.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Not lately. Did watch a couple of commercials a while back. The commercials were very well made and quite deceiving, nice bait.


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