Favorite Movie

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  • prophecor

    A handfull, Scent of a Woman, Full Metal Jacket, Casino, Bulworth, Flatliners, U-Turn, Pulp Fiction, Dont Be a Menace to Society While Drinking Your Juice in 'da Hood, Fridays............

  • CountryGuy

    The Princess Bride
    Shrek 1 and 2
    Miss Congeniality
    Second Hand Lions

    The lady that I carpool with loves Donnie Darko, so I finally watched it. I didn't, and still don't, get it. It was a really dark near-comedy. And what was up with the rabbit?


  • prophecor

    The Fisher King!!!

    Honestly, these are movies that I don't wait around to come on TV. But they are, have been or will soon to be, part of my collection. AGAIN!!!

    And I will, have or always want to watch them 100's of times.

  • jwsons

    1) Chocolate 2) KiKi's Delivery Service (Jap animation) 3) Once A Thief (a Chinese movie, ChowYunFat) 4) The Red Baloon (French silent color movie) Am I a kid ? jwsons

  • Panda

    OK I also love sci-fi and the best are:

    Alien ; The original in tense situations AND a female hero character.

    Alien 2 ; Who knew a sequal could be so good.

    The Others ; How creepy when the little girl is dressed in a veil but looks like an old lady "where's my daughter?" "I am your daughter mommy." Oh and those death portraits... spooky.

    2001 and 2010

    Pirates of the Carribean, the Black Pearl (I think thats the title) w/ Johnny Depp

    Highlander series (be still my heart)

  • betty boop
    betty boop

    Breakfast at Tiffany's

    City of God


    Forrest Gump

    Riding in Cars With Boys

    Motorcylce Diaries

  • teejay


    Shawshank Redemption

    Wizard Of OZ

    Fifth Element

    Full Metal Jacket

    Any of Eastwood's spaghetti westerns.

  • teejay

    Oh... and Twelve Angry Men.

  • prophecor

    For one who has absolutely no appreciation whatsoever for westerns, TJ that is about the only 6 gun, shoot 'em up movie I will ever own, that movie is truly 'da bomb.

    I fought my inclination to buy it at Wallmart, it was a special collectors edition DVD set at 23 dollars plus, but one of theses days.......

  • BrendaCloutier

    Prophecor, ya can't be all bad if Fisher King is your all-time fave, mine too!

    Here's da list. Not necesarily in order of priority except Fisher King

    Fisher King ? my all-time favorite

    Thunder Heart with Val Kilmer, when I need a spritual boost

    Shrek & 2


    Butcher?s Wife

    Princes Bride (You kill my father, prepare to die - Mandy Patinkin)

    Dances with Wolves

    Indiana Jones series

    Die Hard series

    Lethal Weapon series

    O? Brother Where Art Thou and soundtrack!

    Harry Potter series

    Lord of the Ring trilogy


    Crouching Tiger (Chow Yun Fat is incredibly sexy)

    Additionally, ANY Jackie Chan.

    I guess I'm gonna have to rent Donny Darko to see what all the fuss is.

    Hugs and Peace


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