My artwork has been published!

by coffee_black 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dansk

    Hearty Congratulations, CB.

    I can imagine what it must be like. I've written a book (on birds), which has been on my hard-drive for over seven years (I keep updating it) and I've had real interest from one publisher. However, I'd like the interest to be greater, with no disrespect to the publisher in question. At the end of the day I may serialise it in a magazine. It all depends.

    I'm absolutely delighted for you. Long may your success continue.


  • Golf

    CB, very colorful and interesting, good for you. A typical JW remark," artwork is just an attempt to call attention to myself." It's great not to be robotic, isn't it? "To thine own self be true." Full steam ahead CB. Guest77

  • vitty

    November and December were the best

    Well done !!

  • nilfun

    So awesome....congratulations!

  • Outaservice

    Good stuff Debbie! How much $ ?


  • coffee_black

    Thanks so much for all the encouragement!

    Dansk, hang in there... I actually did these two peices about 5 years ago, and my contact with the publisher of the calendar was initially 2 years ago. Nothing happened until I was contacted this past summer. Just be patient! you'll get there!

    Outaservice, You can order the calendar from the website, or pm me. I get them for a little less than what's listed on the website...but not much... I think she plans to make individual prints available without the calendar printed on them. It looks like that part of the website is not available yet though. I have the originals, she just pays for the use of them.

    Thanks again everyone!


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Wow! Great news!!! Congratulations!!!

    It's always good to hear ex-JWs are doing very well.


  • Triple A
    Triple A

    coffee_black, Wonderful work, you are talented. Triple A

  • Billygoat

    Congrats! Wonderful work too! This weekend I'll have the opportunity to be a photographer at a local fundraiser featuring Thomas Kinkade. He'll be revealing 5 new works. Like Mulan, I appreciate your gift of translating your mind's eye to canvas. I do it with photography, but it's a little different.

  • coffee_black

    Billygoat...That's exciting! I think photography is a wonderful art! I had an art teacher once who said that real art is 90% observation (learning to see...take notice) and 10% creativity. I agree.


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