Christmas shopping

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  • bagpuss

    Just had to tell someone who would understand. Today I went christmas shopping for the first time in 17 years! I am 42 years old and felt about 10! I'd forgotten how exciting it can be! My friends(worldly of course!!!) think I'm mad-it's nothing new to them.Any one else had a similar experience?

  • shamus

    The only kind of christmas shopping that I do is for my nieces and nephews. Adults have enough toys and garbage to occupy they're lives, IMO.

    Yes, it's fun! I love giving kids gifts, after giving nothing to anyone forever, so it seemed.

  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    This is my 2nd Christmas ever, the first that I've ever really made out a list and gone shopping for my friends and the people I love. It's a great feeling. I'm excited and having such a blast wrapping and writing cards and just enjoying the feeling of loving the people in my life.

  • Tigerman

    Good for you, bagpuss! You've got the Spirit!

  • Country_Woman

    love and enjoy it.

    To celebrate this time of the year "fresh with the eyes of a child" is really a gift.

    You'r not accepting it as "normal" (like most others are doing)

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Hi there, I'm getting a tree this year and I'm going to be a Christmas shop o holic. It is going to be so exciting. I absolutely can't wait. I'm fixing my downstairs room up for it and everything. I think its great that it's making you feel young and excited. Who decides when we're old anyway!!!!! It's my son's 13th birthday tommorrow and we're going to celebrate that for the first time. He is so excited. I'm going to have a party for him and everything. Don't tell though ok. It will be our little secret. Hee Hee. His good friends birthday is a week apart so I'm having a party for both of them. It's fun. Enjoy! Shop until you drop! lol chris

  • nb-dfed

    I had my first ever Christmas 4 years ago! I went absolutely nuts with shopping. I love it so much, the tree, the shopping, everything. It's so much fun.

  • Dawn

    Congrats!!! I celebrated my very first Christmas when I was 24 years old. It's been a few years since then . I LOVE this time of year - there is so much to look forward to now with the holidays, parties, shopping, decorating, etc. It makes winter time bearable.

  • vitty

    I asked my husband what we were going to do for xmas, he said "nothing". Talk about miserable, he was always glad we didnt have to spend money.

    I am going to buy presents for him and my son and have xmas dinner, well we did that anyway!

    I really want to decorate my house and have a tree but am afraid ill have a surprise visit from the congregation or family so I cant !!!!!

    Ive talked many times to friends and they all love the atmosphere, the lights the carols. We must have been insane to have been so gulible and OBEYED the org for so long without question


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