Why didn't we help these women?

by Tatiana 21 Replies latest social current

  • Coqueton

    Spread the rumour that there is oil there and we will invade tomorrow.

  • Fleur

    These stories break my heart. There are some there locally who are trying to help these women and young girls. The problem is so huge, but at least they are trying one woman at a time to help.

    Check this out:


    and it's disgusting but it is true, that since there are no riches to be had by the US in these countries, our government won't get involved. It's the same thing with the pharmaceutical companies and the cost of AIDS drugs. Why should they reduce the cost of AIDS drugs and make more and more of them for those in poorest countries when they can rake in money hand over fist making Viagra and Cialis instead?

    Revolting, how complacent our society is. Eve Ensler (who wrote the Vagina Monologues) is interviewed in Glamour magazine this month and has a new book out I think it's called The Good Body. I really want to read it. She believes that women are the ultimate force for good in the world and that if they could just spend a quarter of the time and money they devote to 'fixing' their physical selves to look 'better' that they could truly change the world. It's quite a concept.

    Sadly, this abuse of women world wide continues because the world population, in general, permits it. Heartbreaking. Death would be too good for those who perpetrate crimes like these.



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