"Obesity Awake- Nov. 8, 2004"

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  • Coqueton

    Few witnesses at the gym. Sad, most eat alot, get fat and depressed, eat more and can't figure out why. Especially harmful to the single sisters. I don't want a fattie and neither do most normal guys unless they are fat or ugly or mentally challenged. Sometimes they wait to get married, then let themselves go... then hubbie gets repulsed. Yuck.... the gym is a great way to stay healthy and fit. Wish more would go and ingore comments by elders that are fools.

  • Gill

    Never met a witness who took any notice of the gluttony side of people not getting into the kingdom.

    The drunkards and fornicators were always a lot more interesting to judge. They got up to more interesting things to gossip about than just stuffing their faces.

    Anyway, I've been told by witnesses that Jehovah made everyone different and some just have bigger glands or are meant to be fat, after all it's in the family genes.

    More like it's in the family to eat too much and then sit on your fat ass and watch TV (no, no, no, ...I meant study for the next meeting).

  • Gill

    I would like to place a disclaimer here in that I am not in any way anti chubby people. I am also a demi\goddess and have an ample rump as do a lot of my family. But I have discovered that when I eat less and move a lot more I lose weight. Wow! Who would have thought it!

    So, perhaps I was never meant to get into the Kingdom. I'll just have to stick with the drunks and the fornicators.

    Sounds good to me!

  • Coqueton

    If they enforced the gluttony rule, they'd lose huge numbers. I was in a hall where most of the ladies were freakin HUGE! It was gross and repulsive, even fully clothed. They probably sat home and ate and nagged their poor husbands. Another note.... how many fat people did I see in Havana? None! No fast food there and people don't have enough money to be gluttons and they have to work, and walk to work or walk to the bus stop. Now when I was in South Beach, I drove to Little Havana. Someone commented that Cuban girls have big butts and I said no way because I never saw one in Cuba. He said it must be the water on Calle Ocho in Little Havana. lol

  • mouthy

    Please note by the above information I have just learned.

    I AM A GODESS!!!!! ( so remember that you lot!!!


    If they booted out all the fat dubs for gluttony,WBTS would lose more than half their membership.A great many of their CO`sand DO`s are very overwieght.It would seem with so much crap a dub has to put up with,food is one of their few comforts in an incredibly corrupt organization...OUTLAW

  • DaCheech

    All the bro's including my inlaws love buffets, that is the restaurant of choice, and I can't put my two cents in. so I decline to go out with 'em

  • LDH
    I don't want a fattie and neither do most normal guys

    Or girls.

  • redhotchilipepper

    Go Mary: I'm impressed. It sounds like your working your booty off, literally. I can't believe they put an article out on this subject. WOW. I can see why JW's would have a bit of a problem sitting at those meetings so many hours a week. I guess that's why they push the field service, to even it out a bit. Now I understand! LOL. Assemblies too. That's a heck of alot of sitting on your buttocks time.

  • redhotchilipepper

    Candidlynuts: You even look good as a bird/ostrich, whatever that bigbird thing is in picture. I'm sure you are an awesome looking gal. As awesome on the outside as you are on the inside. You are one funny bird. A bit of meat on a woman's body can't hurt, so they say. We as the women are stickin' with that so we can keep eatin' the food. Bring it on!!!! Chocolate, spaghetti, ice cream, lasagne, sushi, pizza. No i'll never have a problem with obesity.LOL. I'll just be joining Mary in the work outs. Sounds really hard. 5 times a week.I don't think my legs can carry me to the gym that many days.WOW I'm sweatin already!!!!

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