Another name for Christmas???

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  • ohiocowboy

    I absolutely love this time of year, and the warm feelings, and the general feeling of good will emitting from people, but, not really having a faith in Christ or religion, I somehow find it difficult to use the word Christmas, as it denotes a celebration of Christ...

    For those of us who enjoy this season, but aren't really firm believers, can any of us think of a name that could be used instead of the word "Christmas", that would have special meaning for believers and non-believers alike, a word that evokes the same emotional feelings?

    I have spent the past week decking the halls, and setting up the "Christmas" tree(s), getting ready for this Holiday which I enjoy so much, but it is that one word "Christmas" that somehow makes me feel as though I am contradicting myself, because I no longer have a faith in that higher power.

    I have thought of using the word "Solstice" instead, but it does not seem to evoke the same types of feelings one hears when they hear the word "Christmas".

    What word would you use, or could think of, that would emit a feeling of warmth, joy, love, peace, good will, caring, sharing, etc?

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    Season of Joy? I like that!

  • czarofmischief

    I'm not really a Christian, per se, but I prefer the word Christmas because it has been my people's traditional name for it for almost 1700 years now (we converted a little later) and it's just what we do.

    I realize that it is just a co-opted celebration of the unconquered sun, and that the Christ story is just a retelling of the Horus / Osiris myth; BUT how do you sum all that up in one word? Season of joy sounds a little, erm, froo froo, and holiday season is just another way to say Holy Day Season. The religion is bound up with it inextricably.

    Why make your own culture more bland? Christmas has a nice flavor. Season of Joy? I mean, you might as well call V-J day the Peace Day. No, that's not what we are celebrating, joy is the effect of celebrating the sun's rebirth and the cycle of the season.


  • Satanus

    I have no problem w the name christmas.

    How about

    The midwinter celebration

    The snow party

    The evergreen revelry

    The winter party

    The winter lights celebration?


  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    My son and I are debating whether or not we are going to have our first "Festivas" this year (from the Sienfeld show). I really like the whole idea of "The Airing of Grievences" followed by "The Feats of Strength". After more than 35 years of Christmas I am ready for a change in the routine. I'll still have the tree and lights though (because it looks so beautiful) and the presents.

  • CoonDawg

    I don't know about a new name for the whole celebration. Myself, I still live with a JW wife, but she knows I'll send a few cards and will buy some select group some gifts. My grandson cracks me up because instead of "Santa Claus" ...he calls him "ChrismasClaus" it's soo cute.


  • Gretchen956

    The pagans called it Yule. You might like that better.


  • Mulan

    Call it what the JW's do: Family Day................and it can be anytime. Hahahhaha.

  • Wallflower

    The ancient Romans called the winter solstice Saturnalia.

  • Satanus


    That's true. They seem to have lost the saturn part of it, like people seem to have lost the jesus part, to a degree. Let's get saturn back into christmas, i say.


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