JWs That Only Attend Sunday Meetings?

by Doubtfully Yours 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • _Atlas

    Well those Sunday JWs are usually the so called "Magazine placers" who won?t even take a book with them to the territory since they skip the Service meetings.

    Stay away from them. They are likely to be posting on this site.

    As far as the harassment goes. Smell something you are allergic to right before walking into the hall? start sneezing all over. When the elders ask you to go outside since you are interrupting the meeting state you think it is really important to hear the info since you are busy and can only attend on specific occasions (once on the back room you can sleep away).

    When your relatives ask you about it, tell them you are upset about the way that elder asked you out of the hall since you really wanted to pay attention. Stay upset for as much time as you want to take off to indulge in worldly pleasures.

    Then sniff that pepper again.

  • Poztate
    Well you're only just managing to hold onto your bible now and that's if you've got Arnie's fingers. Now try holding your bible with just one finger! Get the picture?!!!

    Hep...I am holding the bible with only ONE FINGER and I am sure all the elders got the message.

  • Gill

    How about JW's that only attend once a year!!!!!

    That's for the memorial, just incase Armageddon does come in the next year. They can always say that they did appreciate Christ's sacrifice, after all this is the MOST IMPORTANT meeting in the JW calender year.

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