JWs That Only Attend Sunday Meetings?

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Ever heard of anyone that only attended meetings on Sunday?

    I may become one of them. Can I do that without much harrassment from my peer JWs?


  • JH

    This thread made me smile.

    Yes, I was one of them that would have had enough of one meeting a week. Often, I did just that. I was inactive and went to a meeting or two here and there. There was no specific logic to it. I just went when I felt like going. At first, they are happy to see you go to ONE meeting, but then they don't like seeing you only once a week.

    To be accepted, it's all or nothing. They really don't like when a person goes once a week, because it gives a signal to others that they can do the same. The elders won't accept that.

  • itsallgoodnow

    I've been doing that, pretty much. I generally make 1 meeting every 2 weeks. Never the School/Service meeting, but either a bookstudy or a Sunday. I never answer. I don't have any friends there anyway. My family isn't too thrilled about it, but I really don't care.

  • Gill

    What!!!! One meeting a week!!!!

    Did you never listen to the talk about 'our spirituality', ? It goes like this:

    First the brother holds up his bible with all his fingers and tells us how the strength of our spirituality can be 'judged' like this. If you are holding onto your bible with five fingers then it's the same as going to all five meetings and it's difficult to drop the bible (or your spirituality). Then he shows you what happens if you hold your bible with only four fingers, this being only four meetings. Yes, your spirituality is getting weaker. Now try holding it with three fingers. Not so strong now are we! How about with two fingers. Well you're only just managing to hold onto your bible now and that's if you've got Arnie's fingers. Now try holding your bible with just one finger! Get the picture?!!!

    And that is how you're going to be judged pretty quickly and then..... the harrassment begins.!!!!!!!!

    Time to get yourself a big snarling dog and a sign that says no hawkers, salespeople or JW's 'cos you're going to need one!!!

  • kwintestal

    When I stopped going, I just stopped because I didn't want to leave the impression with the "friends" that I was still somewhat interested. I actually felt guilty for going to the memorial because of the impression that it might leave. I didn't want my family to think, "Oh, he's gone to the memorial because he knows it's still the truth." I won't be back just for that reason.


  • JH

    A good trick to play on the elders would be that each inactive JW would go to 1 meeting a week on Sundays only, rather than staying home. The JW's love to paint you black or white. This would irritate them much more than a person who never goes to the meetings.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I'm planning to do just that. It'll be 1 meeting per week, randomly. At this time, this move will prepare my folks for what's to come soon.


  • Preston

    Yes DY,

    My mother was an only-Sunday meeting attender for a long time. Somehow logic came to her that attending a few religious services on Monday and Thrusday was completely ludicrous given the common desire to go home and relax from work during the work week. People leave her alone for the most part.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yes, I remember that "kind" of JW.

    My family was the "other" kind. We went to ALL the meetings; we were the full time pioneers; MS and Elders. We refered to the Sunday only ones as "spiritually weak ones" that needed our "encouragement".

    In hindsight ( looking back over 20 years) I can only say :What a pretentious crock!

    The fact is; those "sunday JWs" were most likely far more balanced in their lives than us "theocratic" desireables.

  • freedom96

    If you are going to make only one meeting, how about one of the weeknights. The Sunday meeting has got to be the absolute worst of them all.

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