Getting fed up with fading

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  • Pole


    THanks for the comment. Yep, there would be no fading issues if WTS was an honest, voluntary religion rather than a manipulative and brainwashing (also self-manipulative) one. I hope things will work out fine for you. Looks like you got fed up with fading too, although it took you longer than in my case. Time to stand up and go GaryB's way! :))


  • Pole


    My family are bulletproof now, so the guns are like plastic.

    So you see - you admitted it. It's hard to identify a fader... :)) That's why so many choose this way first.



  • willyloman
    can devise ways to counter faders if they wanted too. " Don't come to meetings/service in 6 months, and a call on your home will be made to determine your stand for or against Jehovah". That's about all they would need to do

    Well, such a program already exists. It's called "shepherding." Most elders don't do it very well, if at all.

    Why elders don't like to make shepherding calls would be an interesting topic, but I don't want to hijack yours.

  • JustTickledPink

    I think it's funny the way witnesses look at you, once you have been DF'd or whatever. I faded out for 5 long years and when I ran into anyone they would actually make small talk and invite me to "special talks" or whatever... but then I was fainlly DF'd and if I ever run into a witness (rarely) it's like they've seen a ghost, it's almost like you scare them. Aughhh.... Yikes, run away.... they have to quickly divert their eyes and walk away.

  • Pole


    Each time, they pretended they didn't hear me, each and every time they tried to start the conversation anew and approached me from a different angle. On leaving they said I should reconsider my decision. Then I overheard them as they were walking away (I leave in a block of flats and I didn't quite shut the door when they were still in the staircase). One of the elders said "I realy don't know what his problem is...".

    These guys were WTS-programmed robots. And I don't think they even enjoyed the visit... :).


    Yes, the change of attitude is truly amazing. For me it would be hilarious at this stage, but for many faders with their families still in, it's an awful change to the worse.


  • avishai
    To me they are like police officers with plastic guns.


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