I'm going to try to go... Confucious' Farewell...

by Confucious 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Country_Woman

    there is no sence in answering on this tread........ since Confucious left away .

    In case he change his mind: welcom back to the forum Confucius.

    There are never enough great thinkers here..........

  • shamus

    Yes, Con, you will read this thread, and yes, GO! Don't ever come back, move on, live your life and be happy.

    Don't smoke too many stogies, and remember that friends in real life are 500 times better than 'internet' friends. Don't feel bad at all for leaving, and I wish you all the best!

  • Brummie

    arrrrgh, will miss you around conf :( but do understand you're need to get some distance from anything JW related, come back when you feel able. AND dont you dare forget to come to England!


    take good care and all the best.


  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Hey bud,
    I'll really miss you too. I have a feeling you'll be back though. We're just all too addicting. Kind of like chocolate of ice cream. You go on a diet but you always cheat. Just remember JW is what we were. Not what we are. What are we now? We're just your good friends with an interesting past and life to share. So don't miss out. Take a little time away and then come back and enjoy your friends again. You have way too much info and experience to teach and share with others. Like me!!!!! Thanks my friend. Love Chrissie (((((HUGS))))))

  • Flash

    I wish you well...but you'll be back someday or at least lurking around!

  • LittleToe

    He'll be back, in good Arnie style.
    Regular breaks are a good idea. Otherwise things tend to get on top of ya, especially when the addiction kicks in

  • gumby

    I agree with Little Joe...I mean Toe.

    One thing about addictions, you can always count on them paying you frequent visits. See ya soon ya bastard!


  • wednesday

    I too will miss u, u are one of my fav poster. I always read your posts. take care and consider what dansak said. we are all helping each other. maybe a break will be good.


  • ballistic


    The fact you are making such a goodbye is a clear sign that you are either:

    a. still have "issues" to resolve or

    b. are using the board for escapism from whatever or

    c. using an internet community as a "real world".

    I've just been off the board for two months, but feel I can still drop in now and then.

    Saying a goodbye is like an Alcoholic who says he's never having a drink ever again. You are admitting to a problem. For some poeple that may be the only answer, but why not cut down and have a beer at the weekend? Tell us instead you're going to leave the board and come back at the weekends. See how you feel.

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