Christmas music already!!

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  • DevonMcBride

    As of last weekend, two radio stations in my area are devoting all of their air time to Christmas music. From now until Dec 25 I can hear Christmas music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I have two stations to choose from. I like Holiday music but it's already getting tiresome.


  • Evesapple

    especially when they start playing it constantly so early, by the time Christmas comes, you're just sick of it....

  • doodle-v

    No kidding!

    The weekend after Haloween I noticed all the stores started having all the Christmas items and displays out. Jeeze, it's not even Thanksgiving yet!. Before you know it the "Christmas Season" is going to start right after Labor Day! I like Christmas and I don't want to get burnt out on it so soon. It's only Christmas when I say it is, dang it!


  • Elsewhere
  • mrsjones5

    I love christmas music, but make a point of only listening to it after Thanksgiving.

    Mrs Jones

  • BrendaCloutier

    Yeah, we barely had a break after the elections.


  • Gill

    Why do you all remind me of a bunch of moaning Jehovah's Witnesses!!!!!

    Roll on Christmas! It rocks!!!!!

    Love you all really,


  • Nosferatu

    Over here, we had Xmas stuff coming out before Halloween did. Now that's just trying to bring in cash from those who do their Xmas shopping early.

  • bebu

    I never see Thanksgiving stuff anymore. From the beginning of September thru October 31, it's all Halloween costumes and candy and decor. Then... from November 1, it's Christmas! But I have to say, we haven't heard the Christmas music yet--thank goodness.

    I love Christmas music, but I hearing it starting weeks before the season makes it much less appreciated!!


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i'm sure you will feel in a spritual paradise when you here. the JACKSON'S 5 1970 christmas album. that jacko can sure sing i saw mommy kissing santa claus... john

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