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  • Seven

    Deepest sympathy to Margaret's husband, family and friends. The world has lost one of it's most precious and beautiful citizens. May she rest in peace.

  • Big Tex
  • outoftheorg

    A kind loving wonderful person. Spent most of her life helping people in any way she could.

    Then the fundamental islamists she was helping, use her as a captive under threat of death to try to influence their jihad, terrorize her and then kill her.

    Such insane raging hatred caused by yet another religion.


  • hillary_step

    The people of both Ireland and Iraq are mourning today, tears on tears, for yet more innocent blood spilled on Iraqi sands.

    That this woman dedicated her life to helping the unfortunate people in Iraq for thirty years and then ends up martyred by those who were well aware of this fact is truly a tragedy, but her decades of self-sparing work will live on. She was a much loved figure among thousands of Iraqi's and has left a legacy behind in the hearts of these people.


  • pudd

    so very sad, words fail me.

  • Angharad

    So sad

  • bikerchic

    So very sad and tragic, what a horrible loss.


  • sf

    I cannot convey in words (well, yes I could, but the moderators would need to edit) how upset I am over this event.

    I wish the media would stop putting her face on the news too. I t tears my heart up to see the look in her dedicated eyes.

    {{ tosses a dozen roses on her grave }}

    sKally, in tears

  • Simon

    So sad that the innocent suffer for the ill conceived policies of the rich and powerful.

  • Uzzah

    Thank you for posting this Seven. A truly amazing and giving person's life was cut off far too soon.

    Simon: She was killed by a group of cowardly inhuman scum. How else could they be able to kill someone in such a brutal manner who dedicated her life to helping so many. Such actions cannot be blamed on the Americans or their policies as you inferred. It is the action of cowards and there is no justification possible for it.

    These cowards want Geneva Accord protections when captured by the Americans yet refuse to follow even basic humane treatment of their own captured or kidnapped prisoners. If there is such a thing as civility on the battlefield, murdering/execution of innocents on video for any reason or cause flies in the face of anything remotely human or humane/civil.

    The Red Cross/Crescent Society has pulled all non-Iraqi personnel from Irag as a result of the 'insurgent' threats and actions thereby hurting more Iraqis (oh and that decision was made by Geneva Red Cross not the American RC)

    I share in the world-wide mourning the loss of this outstanding human being


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