Melba's sister is finally on!!!

by Shirley UJest 9 Replies latest social humour

  • Shirley UJest
    Shirley UJest

    Well, it certainly has been an enlighting experence reading this board. Thank you for all your welcome. Never in a million years did I think that i was going to find more than one (my sister) person that shared my experience in the JW's. The threads that i have been reading are outstanding!!!. The one on disappointment was the BOMB! The biggest ever. I really hit me that there WERE people just like me that had the same feelings and thoughts about JW's as I do. I never researched anything because once I was gone, I really did not want anything to do with them at all. This included my parents. Growing up a JW gives you a warped since of what things are really like and once you are on the outside.......the world is you oyster!!!!

    I never would have imagined that there were so many of me's out there. It is so wonderful not to feel crazy. There are others that feel and think the same way as I do!!!!!! The best part!!!!!

    I cook Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. I live my childhood through my children. The look in the eyes of children on X-mas morning is...... there is nothing like it in this world.

    Thanks to all that have helped me get logged in and to Melba for showing me the way.

    Love to all,


  • candidlynuts

    welcome! i too was glad there were others who had similar experiences and some who've had mind blowing experiences. its been an eye opener.

    sit back, read, post, its nice to meet you!


  • kls

    So you really do exist. I was starting to think Melba 's Toast was burnt if you get my meaning,,,,,LOL

  • Joyzabel

    Welcome ShirlyUjest (cute name)

    but yes this net thang ( JT) is great to connect with others like ourselves.

    I'm glad you are enjoying, through your kids, what you didn't get to experience as a JW.

    Live well, best revenge for those stuck in a cult, err, village, umm high control group.


  • Brummie

    wow, a great 1st post!

    WELCOME Aboard! Glad you're kids can enjoy christmas and that you can enjoy it with them.


  • codeblue

    Welcome!!! Glad you are posting...

    It took me a few months of reading before I could post....

    I agree, I found a lot of people that felt just like me and made me feel welcomed and loved..........oh what a feeling!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!



  • MelbaToast

    Its about time...geesh, what took you so long? Hubby hogging the computer?

    Watch out guys, she a force to be reckoned with when she gets pissed. *snicker* Welcome, sis. This is how I find reasoning now.

    I told you she wasn't imaginary! :P

    And If Im burnt, its just because I overtoasted, thats all!! It happens with all us breads. Don't hate on the MT...its the best part of Chex mix!

    Sincerely, MelbaToast

  • kls

    ...its the best part of Chex mix! Oh is that what Melba Toast is in them Chex ? I thought is was rye bread.

    Well i swear this place is such a learning site,,,,,,,LOL

  • Angharad

    Hi !!!!

    Glad we could get you posting finally

  • Insomniac

    Hiya, Shirley! You're right, this is a pretty awesome website. Most of the folks here are fantabulous, and the rest ain't half bad. Glad you're on, and I hope to hear more from you!

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