The Day Jehovah's Witnesses in Riverside California Blinked

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  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen
    21 years? Is that all?

    I have a feeling justice will be done once he is on the inside!

  • BluesBrother


    My thoughts entirely, what are they doing , letting him back almost immediately? Makes a mockery doesn't it? I know plenty of dubs who would be equally disgusted by that.

    At least the judge was not moved . If the films about life in American prisons are anything like correct, perhaps he will get some rough justice in there.

  • Elsewhere

    Yup... by what I hear child molesters get "special" treatment from the other inmates.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Great news Randy. They only like to play when the deck is stacked in their favour or when they outnumber. When the playing flield is made more equal they show their true selves: Gutless and cowardly.

  • Elsewhere

    This is amazing.. I used to live in Morino Vally, Calafornia back in 1989. Morino Vally is about 30 miles from Riverside.

  • Bryan

    Wonderful to hear Randy, and thanks to all those who attended with little lambs.


  • 95stormfront
    This is amazing.. I used to live in Morino Vally, Calafornia back in 1989. Morino Vally is about 30 miles from Riverside.

    Yeah...I visited with a relative in Morino Valley a couple of years ago and got to know the area very well.

    I remember going into a mall there and was surprised to see that the JWs had a table set-up in a local mall offering their litter-ature. Guess it's a lot easier doing that than going door to door in that sweltering heat.

  • mkr32208

    In most prisons now the molesters are kept seperate from the general prison polulation at least until the situation is deemed "safe" for them. Prison is worse than on TV in some ways and better in others. People are rarely raped or murdered, although the molesters do seem to be harrased more they are often less likely to get into serious trouble because most gangs won't take them so they avoid gang actions. Also as a result of having no gang violations parol boards give them good conduct points. (how the f*ck does that work "you have no gang afiliations so you get good conduct, of course the gang wouldn't take you so you had no potential for gang afiliation")????

    The JW's here have an actual congregation that meets at the prison (not the one where I work) the JW's in prison act just like any other convict that has found Jesus they are usually more honest and more open than the general population, lots of times they get out early on good conduct parol... (see above)

    The problem with a$$holes like this is most felons who were abusive to a family member (wife son daughter whatever) are usually sweet as honey with everyone else! So to say "right before/after he beat his wife's brains out with a ball peen hammer he was just as civil as you or I" is just crap! Do you know the average time a man in the US spends for KILLING his wife? 3 years! Do you know what the average time in prison for stealing your 3rd car? 3 years... all I can say is


  • amac

    That is good news, but as mkr pointed out, it is a shame that the justice system is so out of calibration.

  • catchthis

    This brother is about to learn a new term --> being called "Prag."

    Catch, who always watches his Oz on HBO.

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