The Polar Express

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  • teejay

    With all due respect, for me the movie transcended "spirituality," "religion," Santa Claus or any such catch phrases. It involved a place beyond words. I do hope, one day, to be where you appear to be, however. Still... I'm not optimistic.

  • Scully

    Well, I went to see The Polar Express this morning, sans kids... and yes, we are going to see it avec kids, tonight.

    I wish it could be as easy as what the movie portrayed.... that "just believing" makes it so. That bell stopped tinkling for me a long time ago, and I'm content with my reality, even if it isn't "perfect" by other peoples' standards, it's just fine by me.

    BTW, the last kid on the pick up route immediately made me wonder if he was a JW. Sad little fellow.

    Overall, it's a really neat movie - and for purely personal reasons, I really wanted to see it for the train story... trains and beautiful old train stations make me kinda all misty eyed.

    Love, Scully

  • scootergirl

    You are right, TJ, the book really isn't about sprirituality, I guess I was just veering off on a comment made by Dede. When I read the book, to me, I look at it as that magical innocence of a small child. As an adult sometimes I get caught up in the adult world....I like being that little girl every now and again that finds the world wonderful, magical and imaginative. I do have to say I live vicariously thru my children in that way.

  • Badger

    Oops...I took my son to see "The Midnight Express" Instead...

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