Hi! I'm knew! :)

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  • Shelly81

    Hi! I'm Shelly81 and I'm a newbie! I've actually been looking around this forum for a few months and finally got a password. I'm not a witness, but my friend is. I honestly stumbled on this site because I was looking for information on his religion. But once I really started reading some of the topics I really started to like the people here and thought everyone is very friendly. I hope you don't mind that I'm not a JW? Thanks!

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hi Shelly81! Don't mind at all that you're not a JW! Glad to have you here.

  • Shelly81

    Thanks! For a minute I was worried there.

  • kls

    Hi Shelly81. You may never have been a JW but maybe you can learn here to help your friend.

  • WildHorses

    Hi Shelly, glad to have you. Seems we are getting a whole bunch of newbies since Simon fixed that glich.

  • missy04

    Welcome, Shelly!

    I was not a JW for very long (and never baptized) but I like to talk to people here,..they're very nice!!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy Shelly! I was a Witness for 18 years, but I've been out for 15 years.


  • Shelly81

    Thanks to all of you for making me feel comfortable here and welcomed.

  • bebu

    Hey Shelly, as you might have found out by now there are several folks who've not been a JW, but have friends or family in. I have never been a dub either; I ended up here for the same reason you did, trying to figure out how to understand and help my JW friend.

    I think it's very good for non-JWs to mix here... Well, we often have some fun together, anyway!


  • LyinEyes

    Welcome to the board, and thank goodness you are not a JW and never were........hehe, just kiddin' even thou I walked away from the religion I was all of my as a JW,,,,,,,,,there are still alot of good people who are entrapped in it. It is something I wish they too could be free from,,,,,,,well who knows, whenever I can ,I tell who I can all I know about the JW's and encourage everyone to study up on it , just as you did for your friend.

    Hugs , LyinEyes/Dede

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