Finally....Hello everyone

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  • mrsjones5

    Thank you for all the warm and funny replies. People love to sing "Me and Mrs Jones" to me and it still cracks me up.

    You guys really made my day.

    A little more about me: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the peninsula beneath San Francisco. The first congregation I remember attending with my parents was Menlo Park next door to Palo Alto.

    When I get my thoughts together I will post a little more about my experiences with the bOrg, though I'm glad to say I got out before anything drastic happened and my parents were liberal but strict (quite a combo for huh?) with their girls, so nothing funny went on. But I do know of such things going on, sad as that is.

    Mrs Jones

  • sf

    {{{{{ hey jo }}}}}

    Great to see ya posting again.

    Love, sKally

  • nb-dfed

    Welcome Back! (The Welcome Back Kotter song is stuck in my head now!) Good to have you here.

  • stillajwexelder

    bttt - only because mrsjones5 would not do it

  • mrsjones5

    lol you're funny

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