Good excuses for missing meetings and going out in service.

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    Can't say anything to my post, huh Blondie?

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  • kwintestal

    One that I'd heard most often is "Chemical Sensitivity," getting headaches from different scents and odours. First they'll put you in the back room, so you'll be isolated from the rest of the hall, they'll make announcements saying to go "Scent Free," but alas, none of these precautions will work, and you will have to stay home most meetings.

    Kwintestal --- Master of the Excuse

  • stillajwexelder

    I am so happy - I am at the stage where I do not feel I have to make excuses - so I do not. I just do not go if I do not want to or do not feel like it - which is most of the time

  • frankiespeakin

    How about I get anxiety atacks around people and closed in spaces. Ever since such and so happened I just need to be incharge of my space and if I feel crowded I start to panic. I wish I could go to meeting it's just so hard to right now.

  • stillajwexelder

    frankiespeakin - brilliant - even the hardest face elder would struggle to argue against that one

  • karategirl

    Tell them you had pms cramps, most elders would turn red and walk away. Any reference to female functions is usally quite embarassing for them.

    Another I used to use when I lived near Washington DC was that we were stuck in a traffic jam and didn't arrive home until almost 8:30. We would have only arrived for the closing song and prayer. We didn't want to distract anyone from paying attention so we read the Theocratic Ministry School guidebook in the car and discussed it. NOT!!

  • czarofmischief

    I used to say that I had PMS cramps. didn't work as well for me, though...


  • iiz2cool
    frankiespeaking, I can hear the elders suggesting you wear sunglasses.

    I was once counselled for wearing tinted prescription glasses to the meetings. The elders said I shouldn't try to look 'cool' at the meetings or out in service?.

    A good reason to avoid meetings and service?:

    "I don't want my neighbors to think I associate with pedophiles."

    If they insist, wear a ski mask.


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