Sometimes I don't know where I belong in the 'Christian Community'

by Love, Me 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • avishai

    Try the unitarians

  • heathen

    avishai --- Are you Unitarian, if so what do you think makes them the exception to the rule I posted earlier? I've heard alot about the Unitarians and most of it just sounded like disorganized religion LOL .

  • avishai

    No, Heathen, I belong to a couple of religions that are WAY more disorganized. The Universal life church, ( ) The church of spritual humanism, i'm ordained in both and also plan on getting my credentials from the church of the subgenius. Their all legit for doing weddings, which is one thing I do, I figure I might as well use my dub training for some good. I'm of a similar mind to you guys, although leaning more towards agnostic.

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