HOW do you listen? (To Music)

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  • Terry

    I have a very tiny (half a cigar) Flash memory iRIVER portable.

    I can offload MP3 files from my hardrive in seconds to the flash memory. I can digitally record voice or music from any source. I can listen to Fm.

    All the above with headphones attached.

    Other people use Ipods. Some people just listen to their car radio or car CD player.

    HOW DO YOU LISTEN to music?

    I go for long walks along the Trinity River and put my iRiver in my pocket and put on the headphones.

  • Leolaia

    I just got an iPod and it's a piece of crap.

    Well, maybe not but a third of the songs it stops playing and skips to the next track. Infuriating.

  • codeblue

    Well, it seems like I always have music going somewhere.........I have a cd/radio in my family room....that's really close to my kitchen as it is an open space.......I need music to cook...and clean!!!!!!!!! lol

    In my car, I have my cds/radio going all the time!!!!!!!


  • Princess

    Steve bought me the iRIVER portable for Christmas. I love it. I can wear it around my neck or on my arm with the arm strap. I transfer my favorite CD's on holds four or five full length CDs...then I listen to them while I run. Sometimes I prefer listening to the radio while I'm running. Some of my runs are getting to be 3-4 hours long so the extended music storage and battery life are really sweet. It's so easy to delete the CDs and load new ones on too. Once you figure out how to navigate your way around the iRIVER, it's a pretty awesome player.

    I used to run with a sony walkman CD player with radio. It annoyed the hell out of me and the CD always skipped. I usually would run a bit then run back and chuck it in the car and run silently...

  • Angharad

    With my ears usually

  • logical

    I use old fashioned minidisc's

  • harleyquinn

    i listen to launchcast, mostly, at work...i do listen to a local radio station from 12-2 just because steve jones hosts his own music show...

  • Stefanie

    My favorite way is to wait until everyone is asleep. I will put a cd in my pc, put headphones on, watch a movie on mute, and surf the web. If its the weekend i will have a small drink in my hand.

  • frankiespeakin

    Usually from headphones. While driving radio or tape player. Sometimes I will spend a few hours playing an acoustic or electric guitar through a processor with my head phones.

  • Sunnygal41

    I have to be in the mood to listen to music, and I have certain music that I listen to in certain I'm sure everyone else does............right?.........well, anyways, most of my music listening is done in my car, and I love nothing better than to have an open road in front of me with some GREAT music on....which varies depending on my mood.......(I think I already said that)........... Sometimes I'm feeling very rebellious and free spirited and have to put something on that goes along with that mood......other times I need something "spiritual" to fill that particular need in me..........I have found that certain music can be dangerous, as far as breaking the speeding just pumps me up too much and I have to crank it up and push the pedal to the metal............

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