No JW kids at school today

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  • Jez

    Remembrance day today. I work at the local highschool. I was surprised to see only 1 JW kid in attendance at school. How weird. They were there for Halloween, but not today. I have noticed some missing in past years, but alot more this year. Classes are as normal except for a 1 hour assembly. My youngest daughter told me that many were missing from her school as well.

    I think the teenagers are embarrassed to not go to the school assembly so they take a day off school. I hope it is that and not that the society has somehow 'encouraged' (of course not 'told') them to stay home that day to avoid it all.

    This organization just keeps getting weirder, or maybe I just keep seeing things clearer and clearer.


  • iiz2cool

    Remembrance day is tomorrow. I get the day off work.



  • under74

    This is nothing...I used to stay home on the final day before Christmas Break in order to avoid being in the library all day. What was really weird was back around 1986 when every other family at the KH my family attended started pulling their kids out of school to be "home schooled."

  • Purza

    Maybe the parents pulled them in order to take them out in service.


  • Mysterious

    The society does not encourage youths to stay home..far from it they want them to go and give a witness.

    I remember all through elementary school I would go and mom would have written me a note to excuse me from the ceremony..then in the higher grades I would have to ask my teacher to be excused myself and I would always get the shakes and not know what to say. They would always say the same don't have to agree with it can't you just go to be respectful..I never felt like I had a great answer to that..I was always coached to say that if everyone believed like us the wars would never have happened.

    In middle school I would team up with my best friend and we would ask the teacher together in a one two punch fashion. But in high school it was harder. I remember in grade 9 I was so nervous that my mom thought I wouldnt ask so she phoned the school and asked to talk to the teacher I had during that period and explain to him. That was really embarrassing but at least I didnt have to talk to him myself. I had a lot of respect for that teacher and I didnt want him to not like me.

    The year after that I refused to go that morning since the ceremony was always before 11. By the afternoon I wasnt as conspicuous because a lot of people had started taking their poppies off by then.

    In my final year I hated my teacher and there was no way I wanted to ask him. He was walking us to the assembly..he ducked for a minute and I sprinted down the other hallway. I ran out of the building and didnt come back on campus until after the lunch break..he saw me coming back and motioned for me to come here because I was in trouble. I ran and I went home and I never did go to talk to him about it. I was really embarrassed of standing out for such a stupid reason and there was no way I wanted to be indentified with some quack religious belief that no one understands. Of course there were 'spies' in the school from the local congregation -- both youths and staff. I could never have been seen going or I would have been in a lot of trouble.

    This year I pitched a couple of dollars into the Canadian Legion's coffers and wore my brand new poppy for the entire week leading up to remembrance day, standing out beautifully against the lapel of my long black coat.

  • dorothy

    Showing appreciation is NOT for true Christians, as having freedom of religion cuts down on persecution, making it less obvious that they are God's Chosen People.

  • Nosferatu
    I think the teenagers are embarrassed to not go to the school assembly so they take a day off school.

    A JW child going to school is still a child going to school. When I was a kid, I got pulled out of school for Rememberance Day, Halloween, Sex Ed, etc. Hell, it didn't bother me, it was a day to stay home from school!

    However, I clearly remember one of the first Rememberance Day services at my high school that I attended. This was when I switched high schools, and nobody knew I was a JW (and I didn't tell them neither). I just wanted to fit in. I had a worldly girlfriend and we both attended it. I was truly amazed how some people take this day very seriously, as she did. There was nothing evil about it.

  • Eyebrow2

    What is Rememberance day? is it like Veterans day in the US?

  • Mysterious

    Remembrance day..Veterans Day..Armistice Day..all the same thing.

  • DIY2008

    I'm being homeschooled now... *thinks*'s not always true that their embarressed. I just got tired of them trying to pressure me into doing things that I didn't want to do.

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