What do our past Witness friends say about our Christmass tree and lights?

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  • Balsam

    Because I celebrated Christmas and all holidays till I was 20 and became a JW I loved the seasons and hated giving them up. When I had children I would take my boys out on rides to look at the Christmas lights, and we all drooled with envy. Their JW Dad didn't know I did that. LOL I missed it all the years I didn't celebrate.

    I know lots of witness that did the same thing I did, because they loved the lights in the winter time. Their beautiful how could you not love the appearance of it. My ex though used to say look at that house that was all decorated and say how disgusting that is. The boys and I would smile our little secret smiles.

  • fifi

    I remember the first time I celebrated Christmas. It wasn't a problem what people thought as I'd also moved, but I did have "guilt" feelings and thought I may be struck by lightning or something. Amazing just how controlled your mind can be.

    Anyway, I think the best thing to do is just enjoy the whole festive season.


  • SnackerBob

    Actually, the first year I publicly celebrated, My dad gave me a call (about a variety of things) that eventually cumlinated in him saying "You look at that tree- and see what you've become." That actually made me laugh at him, because it really is a ludicrous thing to hear.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    christmas lights and enormous tree; and a giant American flag waving proudly from my front porch ( we are at war)....let those JWs make one remark ......

  • PinTail

    Get out the Christmas cheer and drink the egg nog and close the door for a while, no more scolding from the stage.

  • Llamedos

    I am new to this site and have so much to say. I did have Xmas until the age of 8 when my mother became a JW and have, therefore, been one for 35 years! My husband (same age as myself) has always been a JW and so both he and our 2 kids (aged 16 and 14) have never, ever had Xmas.

    We all celebrated our birthdays this year, at first I felt guilty but soon got over it, it was great. My youngest son said it was a shame we hadn't given up being JW' s 14 years ago, he had missed out. I never could understand why birthdays could not be celebrated, just accepted it. Another brainwashing exercise.

    We plan to celebrate Xmas this year, husband does not want a tree but wants the presents! We have come to a compromise in that we will have a 'modern' tree, like a twig thing. I have been collecting ornaments for several weeks now and think it is ace. I even bought a book 'The Ultimate Xmas'!!

    I have always thought it has been a happy time of year, as a JW you are taught to think people are phoney at this time of year, but as far as I am concerned most JW's are two faced and phoney!!

    Happy Christmas everyone.


  • RunningMan

    This is our first year with a Christmas tree. I plan on having my picture taken in front of it, sitting in a dirty t-shirt and holding a beer. The caption underneath will say, "Baby's first Christmas". I will send it to my sister (who's df'd).

  • new light
    new light

    That's it............I'm getting a tree.

  • simplesally

    The JW's don't know I used to be a witness, so I am free to do as I please. My lights are up............the icicle ones. There are 2350 lights up now and more to put up around the bushes. My tree is up and decorated. But even when we got df'd, my ex and I were still living in the territory and we put up lights, they couldn't see the tree from the street, but we did have lights on the front of the house.

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