Most JW prove satan told the truth

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  • vitty

    Satan said to Jehovah "They only serve you, cos of what they can get out of you" or words to that effect

    This is only my opinion but what do you think?

    A FEW : I believe serve God cos they love him.

    SOME: They want to see someone they love who has died again

    A LOT: They have an emotional tie, family friends, social life, pressure from peers.

    MOST : Cos they are terrified of armageddon and dying with their children.

    ALL OF THEM: Cos they want the new system, where they will have a big house miles away fom any neighbours, have as much food as they want without getting fat. Holiday weather everyday, doing a bit of cultivating ( gardning) All authority gone,they think. No more meetings, field service.

    Now this way of thinking is encouraged, the focal point of the truth,

    So I wonder how happy is Jehovah when all these witneses are NOT proving Satan a liar

  • googlemagoogle

    i think the bible was just made to discredit satan, and poor beel-zebub doesn't have a chance to defend himself.

    did you ever ask yourself:
    if this world is ruled by satan and the bible is god's word, why do so many false religions use the bible?

    the answer is simple - the bible tries to cover the fact, that satan actually is our loving father and the biblegod is only making trouble. it's all about media coverage...

    join satans witnesses today and be saved!

  • Bubbamar

    Google- sadly, you make a good point. I was ready to join up till you said you were kidding.

  • mkr32208

    I have yet to see where Satan lied. He may not have told the whole truth but that isn't the same as telling a lie. The way I see it god lied first anyway! He said he was creating women to be a companion and helper... he should meet my wife! hahahahahahaha

    sits back and waits to be bashed!

  • red so deep
    red so deep

    it's entertaining and sad at the same time when people commenting at the meetings always manage to bring out how all the hardships JW's face can all be attributed to satan. of course never willing to admit any fault of the organization but that truly, the devil is the root of all evil and deadly apostate thinking...

  • googlemagoogle

    oh my.. i went to bookstudy (haven't been there in a while) and they study that "get closer to jehovah" book, or what it is called. i had a hard time not freaking out... they really think everyone is dumb. yeah, jehovah is so loving and merciful... no talk about the genocide, the canaanite holocaust the bible loves to talk about. and yeah, how great that men wrote the bible, not angels... and how great that god wrote it in a book and doesnt talk to us from heaven above. this way the believers are sorted out... oh my god, i was close to explode.

  • Maverick

    Based on the behavior of "Christians and other holy, religious groups" God must be petty, judgemental, racist, intolerant, and a sexist! All you religious ones, "Hail to your God of hypocrisy!"

  • Golf

    Vitt. do you really think or believe it's about us? Guest77

  • Gretchen956

    I don't think they do it because the love Jehovah, I think they do it because they fear him. That is certainly my experience among those I knew. The most negative reinforcing group other than hellfire and damnation preachers.

    As for me, I have rejected the whole lot of it satan included. Satan is, after all a Judeao/Christian invention.


  • mkr32208
    they study that "get closer to jehovah" book, or what it is called

    Sounds like Jehover is the greatest molester... maybe it should be "get naked with jehovah"

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