Assembly & C.O. /D.O. Elder meeting notes

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    They have taken God's job, repentance evaluation, and reduced it to a human function, which is totally wrong. There *is* a scripture that says "Judge you not, lest you be judged." How can an imperfect being judge another's repentance to God? It's not possible. Even THEY say they are imperfect men. How can they take on the power of a God, when they declare that they are imperfect human beings? How can they know the depths of repenance in a human's heart? That's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Why would *I* as a minister to Jehovah, want other ministers judging my repentance, when they are no better than I. They are no better than I. They are sinners like I am. I would want a higher authority, which would be my conscience, to judge me. Here they are, taking away a person's right to life, by a mere kangaroo court, when they acknowledge themselves as imperfect beings, incapable of prophecy. Why would I allow them to judge the fitness of my morality before God, when they are imperfect themselves? They are not guided by prayer. If they were, there would be NO MISTAKES.

    Country Girl

  • Claudia Kittel
    Claudia Kittel

    I heard this garbage for 25 years; I never missed one of those assemblies. The only difference was that there was no internet when I was in the org. But they talked about TV, books, movies, and all the things that they didn't want anyone to do. Now, as I sit here and write this, I am wondering how they knew all about the things that they didn't want us to see or hear. Did they go to those movies, or did they watch those TV sitcoms, worst of all, did they read those books that they did not want us to read? On the internet, there are so many groups that discuss things, and I have seen some of the jw listservs, and they talk about things that happen at the meeting, and at the assembly, and then they espouse things like homosexuality, using graphic terminology and the whole bit. I am prone to think that they are so deprived that they have to do these things. It's like when a person has a craving for donuts; as soon as he sees them, he has to eat one. I remember my son when he was 16, just before he got kicked out of the org; he had been told not to smoke, not to drink beer, and above all not to fool around with girls. Guess what? He met a sister whose mom told me that she was doing really well, and pioneering and everything, and on the sly she was trying to convince my son that she was pregnant and it was his child, so he would marry her. My son did not fall for it, but he tol d me about it two years later. So the point I'm making is that these teenagers who are curtailed by the Society figure out some way to get where they want to go, and the Society reallly has no control over it, no matter what they say at these assemblies.

    Notice the first three letters of the word ASSEMBLY

  • frankiespeakin

    I suppose we apostates have backed the WT organization into a corner and they are forced to lash out in protection of the organization,,they have to adopt very unchristlike way to deal with the threat of being exsposed,,this in turn makes members suspicious of unchristian methods and many question: Why be so mean to people you are suppose to love as your neighbor.

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    What a great thread!


  • Euphemism

    Man... threads like these remind me why I used to sit groaning through the assemblies, even when I was still a true believer. I can't believe we used to take that crap.

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