Brownboy has left us!

by mkr32208 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • morty

    that guy is not for real......He really does need some help I think....

  • Stefanie

    I want in

    One week..for one cent

  • Preston

    In the spirit of kwintestal's comment, I think brownboy will be the turd that won't flush away on The thing that cracks me up is how unintentionally funny his posts are, and I say that because there is a degree of sincerity in his writing, but when you start reading about Jehovah coming to you in the middle of the night I keep on thinking of Mr. Smithers' fantasy on the Simpsons of Mr. Burns flying through the window while he's in bed, and he's just woken up.....

  • drwtsn32

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