Confession of sin and the watchtower

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    Kenneson, you say, "...Chiniguy truthful?" Am I to understand that the sources or site you mention are 'truthful? Do you remember the Galileo incident? Just when did the Church eventually changed their mind about the earth revovling around the sun? Now, who was truthful, the pope of Rome or Galileo? That's on page 50 of the book. Why didn't you cite that portion about someone being truthful? Though Galileo recanted to save his neck, he did say, "This will not prevent the earth from moving!"

    As a former Catholic in my early early days, my brothers and I challenge the priest about doctrinal matters and the best answer he would give us was, it's a MYSTERY! So isn't Santa Claus and the Easter bunny a mystery!

    I believe the topic of this discussion is about confession.


  • XQsThaiPoes

    The thing is the JW system seems to work well for people that dont give a S*, or clingy people(attention W*) that really enjoy crying on the elders shoulders get patted on their backs and sent on their way with very little "cleaning" (wow not commenting or being able to scrub "Jehovah's" toilet is a draconian punishment). It is the more independant people with a sense of um dignity that get curb stomped by the elder body.

    Think of it how many halls you know of with a resident lush that has many kids by different partners, been baptize since forever, been on reproof inumerable times yet still manages to aux pioneer. It seems like only the political people or independant people get dfed the cry babies seem to do just fine. Maybe thats the game punishing those that um are not leaving the BS detector at home.

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