When You Went Thru The Baptism Questions Did You Understand It All?

by minimus 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Some Halls had 10 or more baptisimal candidates---I like that expression----and the elders would ask the questions in a group, resulting in not everyone answering all the questions.

  • hillbilly

    Not a doubt about it minimus... one could bullshit their way through the process... as I grew older I saw it way to often.

    Who in there right mind let you get baptized at 9? that just aint right. I guess I was lucky. My congregation had some decent men as elders at the time. Of course, most of them are not JW's anymore..go figure.

    ----Hill (numbers dont mean shit to me class)

  • Balsam

    Heck no, and could hardly answer the questions, they passed me anyway. All this during the great influx before 1975. I do remember having a funny feeling though that I was probably having the wool pulled over my eyes, but like sheep lead to slaughter I went willingly. I think I just wanted to be apart of something important.

  • Purza

    I thought I did. But looking back when I was going through the questions with an elder in my living room I was relieved when I heard the VCR click on -- cause I knew that I was successfully taping the A-Team (I cared more about that).

    I was too young and too stuuuuuupid to really understand.


  • Insomniac

    I don't remember what the questions were, only that they were confusing as hell. Due to family pressure, I had to get baptised just two days after I turned 12, so I was only 11 when I went through the questions. I had my book with me, though, and was able to answer well enough to satisfy the elders, yay.

  • minimus

    In my experience, 95% do not understand the primary doctrines of the JWs. They answer what they memorized and any probing would show that they don't have a clue about prophecy, blood, and doctrines.

  • Nocturne

    I definitely didn't understand it all at the time. I just repeated the answers, I wasn't really into it, just going through the motions. But I did get asked to explain the '95 doctrinal change (a test of loyalty to show that i wasn't following "old light") which I did, but did not really understand the implications of that change until now.

    I do know of someone who was raised as a jw, and then he asked to baptized (I'm pretty sure pressured by his mom), my friend's brother who was studying with him told the elders that he wasn't ready for it, but they still let him get baptized. The guy is no longer a jw...enough said.

  • Mulan

    They didn't do the questions, back in the Stone Age, when I was baptized. (1955)

  • Insomniac

    LUCKY MULAN! You got off easy, girl.

  • kwintestal

    I was 12. Would any 12 yr old understand them, or what they were getting themselves into?


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