My head is spinning!

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  • bebu

    For some reason, it was all easy and smooth, shotgun. Other times I have met with my JW neighbor J, I've had plenty of nerves to spare. The only time I had a problem is when it occurred to me that later I would be relating the conversation here! (When I thought of it, I lost the train of thought I had going with P. Guess I was ripe for this.) I then re-focused on the conversation at hand, 100%.

    After the ladies left, my stomach suddenly went into butterfly attack mode. It all hit me at once right then. (That's why I said my head was spinning.)


  • Mulan

    Excellent Bebu. That must have been fun.

    How old is the daughter? Teen, young adult?

  • kls

    Bebu wether you convinced them or not any lurkers that see this post will surly have to think . Who knows maybe some lurkers are already looking up what you said and their head maybe spinning.GREAT JOB!

  • Rabbit


    It is amazing you got THAT far with her...she at the proverbial fork in the road. She may come back as she has several times. Surely she sounds knowlegeable enough about the JW's to know...she is on thin ice, even listening to you. She's supposed to be the one teaching, not the householder.

  • LittleToe


    ...or that Scots can't be trusted to convey anything truthfully..fiddle players with hagis breath and all.

    THere may be a glimmer of truth in that
    Freddie was a Canuck, though, wasn't he?

  • garybuss

    Good job bebu. I bet you never hear from the Witness lady again. I hope I am wrong.

    I had a elder at my home and he said the reason 1975 was not the date for Armageddon was because they didn't know when Eve was created. I showed him in the Aid book and in his Bible where the Watch Tower wrote that Adam and Eve were created in the same year. He went white faced silent and re-read the texts a couple times. He realized what it meant.

    Then he did what every Witness I know has done. He said, "I'll do some research on it and get back to you.". That has to have been 8 or 9 years ago.

    Thanks for the update. I enjoy reading your posts very much. GaryB

  • bebu

    Thanks Gary, (and others.)

    Yes, I might not see her again... though I can always ask my JW neighbor (innocently) if she could remind P to come by again...? I can always add some pressure! Oh, but you know? I still have her PROCLAIMERS BOOK! I'll have her come back for it, if nothing else. I won't simply pass it along... at least one more meeting is guaranteed here.

    I also take some comfort whenever I read some posters here, that seeds planted long ago finally grew... I think that even if I never hear from either of them again, those seeds were planted. And watered.

    I'm sure they're in a bit of turmoil now. I pray for them both.

    Mulan, She's a young adult; I don't think any older than 21, but looks more like 18 or 19. Very shy. A nice young lady.

    kls, I would gladly play the innocent householder to any JW, free!

    In fact, I'm praying that if P gets out, I can plot with her to help get more of them out...


  • shotgun

    For a Christian Bebu you sure are a little Debil...if she comes back for the Proclaimers book you have a few good questions you need answered from that as well don't you.

  • bebu

    Yes, shotgun, there's a lot of "good stuff" in the Proclaimers book. ... I wonder what book that pyramid info in the Proclaimers book is from, and when it was published. They neatly tore away a lot of the writing so that no one could really read what was written around it... and having read some of that pyramid stuff before, I know it is downright whacky. They would be unable to explain any of it now! Utterly embarassing.

    If the next meeting goes as I hope, I want to show her the problem with their FDS argument. I think it will certainly emphasize how shoddy the WT reasoning is for having any authority. And... it would be nice to drop the UN bomb. These aces are up my sleeve, but we'll see if the cards actually get played.


    Red debil class!

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk
    but the fact is that they now teach that Jesus is only the mediator for 144,000... while everyone else's mediator is the 144,000!! According to the WT itself, Jesus is NOT YOUR MEDIATOR."

    Im sure thats always been the policy for at least as long as i remember?

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