New book by Jim Penton, and revised book by Carl Jonsson.

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    The might refer to their new WebSite:

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    Scully, I quote you, "The March 1, 2003 Watchtower features a cover photo of a group of JW men with Purple Triangles on their coats together in a concentration camp. It seems to be from early in their internment - they all are fairly "plump" looking compared to other pics I have seen of extrememly emaciated concentration camp detainees."

    These are victims who survived, and they are photographed at a later reunion, wearing the coats they wore when they suffered in the camps.


    Personally, I feel this revisionism by Penton and others is something one should "handle with care". Thousands of people suffered, hundreds were murdered, and one should consider that, and honour them by not shouting too loud about what some leaders might or might not have done. Respect for the victims. I remember one, Gerhardt Steinacher, a young boy of 18, about whom a thin book is written, because close to all files about him were destroyed. He was the only child, a quiet boy with elderly parents, living in a mountain valley in Austria, and he was taken and put to prison, and executed. "He died for the Glory of God" is the title of the book. He was so sorry, afraid, towards the end, because in a weak moment he had joined the labour union because he had misunderstood its objects and goals. So he resigned from it, and he hoped that God would have mercy upon him despite this one sin. He lived alone, in solitude, in his remote valley, he was imprisoned alone, he was beheaded alone, he was buried on a remote churchyard, his father died shortly after the war, his mother lived to the 70s, alone, and his tombstone is today almost overgrown, just the couple of lines are possible to read, "Gerhardt Steinacher, he died for the Glory of God". Tens of thick books have been written about the courage of the average Witnesses against the Nazi terror, but this thin book about the Austrian youth and his fears and loneliness has impressed me the most.

    So for the sake of these martyrs - please don't yell too loudmouthed when a book is published that claims the opposite of what these other researchers, journalists and history scientists have published. Walk a bit gently around the grave of Gerhardt Steinacker.

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    OH, I think if you read the book it does not discuss the rank and file that made legitimate sacrifices but rather the relationship of the WT administration with the Nazi regime and how they exacerbated the situation and made it more dangerous for the rank and file JW while they sat back in safety in the US.

    Here is a review.

    Since the end of World War II, leaders of the Jehovah's Witness movement in both Germany and elsewhere have steadfastly argued that Witnesses were united in their opposition to Nazism and did not collude with the Third Reich. Documents have been uncovered, however, that prove otherwise. Using materials from Witness archives, the U.S. State Department, Nazi files, and other sources, M. James Penton demonstrates that while many ordinary German Witnesses were brave in their opposition to Nazism, their leaders were quite prepared to support the Hitler government.
    Penton begins his study with a close reading of the "Declaration of Facts" released by the Witnesses at a Berlin convention in June 1933. Witness leaders have called the document a protest against Nazi persecution, however closer examination shows it contained bitter attacks on Great Britain and the United States ? jointly referred to as "the greatest and most oppressive empire on earth" ? the League of Nations, big business, and above all, Jews, who are referred to as "the representatives of Satan the Devil."
    It was later, in 1933 ? when the Nazis would not accept Witness blandishments ? that leader J.F. Rutherford called on Witnesses to seek martyrdom by carrying on a campaign of passive resistance. Many ultimately died in prisons and concentration camps, and postwar Witness leaders have attempted to use this fact to assert that Jehovah's Witnesses stood consistently against Nazism.


    Declaration of Facts (scanned pages)

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    Old Hippy, that was beautifully expressed. While having a lot of respect for the works of M. James Penton, your point is well taken. Of all things in JW history, these individuals stand out as a shining beacon of hope against tyranny. Thank you Old Hippy. Your fellow doubting brother, -Spud

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    Happy Guy :)

    So for the sake of these martyrs - please don't yell too loudmouthed when a book is published that claims the opposite of what these other researchers, journalists and history scientists have published.

    I haven't read this book of Jim's yet but I have read his previous work on the JWs and Watchtower. He spent years as a JW and has also been a University professor for decades. His writings on the JWs have always be honest.

    I don't think it is an insult to the memory of the 3000 or so JWs who perrished alongside the 6,000,000 or so Jews under the Hitler's rule. What is an insult to those JWs is the fact that their leadership may have actually fanned Hitler's racist flames in the early 1930's. I think people have a right to know that especially ex JWs and current JWs. Jim handled matters in his other book "Apocalypse Delayed" with enormous dignity and class.

    Also I am not quite sure what you mean when you say "...these other researchers, journalists and history scientists have punblished."

    First off what is a "history scientist" ? and secondly do you really mean the Watchtower Governing Body or WT apologists because that is likely the only people that Penton will be at odds with in terms of their current day claims of their involvement with Hitler.

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    Has anyone ever thought of `An catalogue of WT scandals

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    Using materials from Witness archives

    I wonder how Jim Penton got access to those?

    There was an elder at one Kingdom Hall I knew that wouldn't let a non-witness look at the older volumes in the Hall's library. He wanted to know why the person wanted to use the library, I suppose he didn't like the person's response, as he was not allowed access.


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    There was a time Jim Penton was a JW; perhaps he got access then or maybe he has contacts that supplied material from their personal library, VM.


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    "There was a time Jim Penton was a JW; perhaps he got access then or maybe he has contacts that supplied material from their personal library"

    Yes, when he was still a JW he wrote a pro-JW book "Jehovah's Witnesses in Canada: Champions of freedom of speech and worship". The society may have given him access to materials at that time.


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    So when Jim Penton wrote the pro-JW book and was allowed research into the WT that when he found out about their scandals and hidden agendas???

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