What kind of Curcuit Overseers visited your congregation?

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  • Thechickennest

    Thinking about the CO's I have encountered over the years.....It went something like this:

    1.) Brother Sleeparound: Took up with a young pioneer sister on a visit to the congregation. His wife did not approve.

    2.) Brother Hothead: Smacked wiggly youngsters around in society's leased Pontiac while out in service.

    3.) Brother Moocher: Expected everything free and on a silver platter.

    4.) Brother Specialdiet: Special menu preceded his visits. No one would sign up to feed the finickyeater.

    5.) Brother Newcars: This guy had a new car every six months. Carried a brush to keep the vent louvers in the dash free from dust. This was before the lease program. Needless to say not many of us ever seen the inside of the CO's car.

    6.) Brother Coldheart: Did not believe in depression....."all in the head" he said.

    7.) Brother Bethel: Get invited to Bethel....all bases covered.

    8.) Brother Teetotaler: The drink was the root of all evils...

    9.) Brother Birthcontrol: Don't have kids...period!

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Although #5 comes close - it was more like every 2 years. You didn't have a category for this one. The one who visited my ex's congregation was "Brother who has a pedophile son who molests 5 year old girls for years and get's away with it because parents trust their children to him as a sitter and then after the harm is done just walk away from it leaving it to Jehovah"

  • candidlynuts

    you didnt mention "brother threaten the crap out of elders if numbers dont improve'

    had one of those...

    had one who hated children and who would quit talking if a child made a peep..(mentioned him before i think)

    most had fake smiles , fake wives, and fake faith. (can you tell i dislike authority figures?)

  • blondie

    I have to admit we had a few decent ones.

    The one who was a grampa and loved the kids all the way up to 18 and beyond and showed them honor.

    The one who was under 30 and along with his wife played tennis with all the regular pioneers after field service.

    The one who understood depression because he battled it himself and saw his sister commit suicide (gave a talk).

    Only 3 though after 50 years of association with the WTS.


  • MerryMagdalene

    I have very fond memories of the COs who visited our congregation over the years. They often stayed with my grandmother right next door and my family loved doing things to try to make their stay less stressful and more enjoyable. But I was just a kid then and not involved in any of the adult problems and controversies that may have been going on around me. I have a feeling that my experiences and perspective might be quite different now. I do remember some being less friendly and approachable than others; some were great story-tellers and speakers, others quite stiff and dull. I wonder how many of them (those still living, that is) have remained faithful dubs? And, more importantly, why? I always wonder that about J-dubs I have liked or admired.

  • mkr32208

    we had one... can't think of his name... real strict but good speaker after every talk everyone would go home and throw away all their cd's and movies I used to go around to all the witless houses on my bike after dark and collect the "trash" I had a pretty impressive collection... lots of porn for some reason lol!

    he ended up getting a bunch of elders removed and disfellowshipped (didn't seem to catch any of the pedophiles) and about 8 months after he left the WBTS sent out two guys who got up on stage and said it was all a mistake the elders are back don't discuss it don't talk about it it never happened move on!

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I had a few decent ones>I also found that the young superstar Co,s who did the fantastic talks etc were bastards.the crappy Speakers were the ones with the love and concern.

    I dunno why,just seemed that way to me.

    When i stopped going suddenly about 1 1/2 Year ago,the Co then was very concerned.Not in a come back,come back way,just genuinely concerned i wouldnt be happy away from the Religion.He contacted me back in April this year(it was his last visit)and spent time talking about life,love and the universe etc....as soon as i made it clear i would never come back i assumed he would hang up,but he stayed on the line for half hour more talking Football,music etc...and yes it was much more interesting than his Talks!I even have had the odd email from him(FW,s etc)

    A genuine,fine man.

  • Confucious


    I've met some good CO's that would come to funerals even though he wasn't part of the circuit anymore.

    I also met some Ashole ones that wouldn't pick up the phone after I threatened suicide.


  • TresHappy

    We had some decent ones also...mostly elderly couples....they were always very kind to me...perhaps there were a few jerks...I don't remember them...

  • Soledad

    numbers 2-5 describes the ones that visited us.

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