Passing JW Comments about Halloween

by roybatty 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • undercover

    I remember the JW friends really blasting the holiday as a devil worshipping holiday, but then they blasted all holidays as devil worshipping. At least they were consistent.

    It's the other fundementalist type religions who started to make a big deal about celebrating Halloween being evil that caught my attention. They made news out of trying to get it out of the schools and other city or state run functions. They also claimed it was a devil worshipping holiday. This year was interesting because a lot of local churches tried to stop trick-or-treating on Sunday. They wanted it moved to Saturday or banned altogether. Their reason? Sunday is for church and God and not devil worshipping practices.

    I find it interesting (and hypocritical) that the same people who regard one holiday combining pagan and Christian practices as a Christian worship holiday, condemn another holiday combining pagan and Christian practices as a devil-worshipping holiday.

  • Swan

    As I was sitting there on the couch between visits of the trick-or-treaters, I remarked "I sure am glad I'm giving out candy tonight instead of Watchtowers and Awakes!"

    My husband said "What!?!"

    I replied, "Watchtowers and Awakes; religious magazines."

    "You used to do that!?!"

    "My Mom, yes. Looking back I am surprised our house was never tricked!"

    I think he was a bit shocked that JWs would give religious magazines to little tots instead of candy.


  • roybatty
    "You used to do that!?!"

    OMG! I've heard about that. Passing out WT and/or tracts. I think kids today would burn the house down.

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