Potential Trouble for WTS

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  • metatron

    Recently, the Watchtower has been relying on the European Commission on Human Rights to try to fend off legal

    attacks by governments over there. However, a recent case in Germany's High court could change this. They ruled

    ( in regard to a freedom of the press/paparazzi case) that they are ultimately sovereign and do not have to abide

    by what Eurocrats say. Some prominent voices in Germany were heard to say 'it's about time".....

    Reported in Die Welt.


  • czarofmischief

    Ah. Nationalism triumphs over artificial constructs of human delusion, once again.

    And humanity benefits...


  • Carmel

    Nationalism is another childhood disease of humanity.. this too shall pass!


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi metatron; i don't understand what your post means. maybe you can explain? ty john

  • Pole


    What is the artificial construct you are referring to?

  • metatron

    I'll try to make it simpler for you guys. Various leaders in Europe want the Commission on Human Rights there to

    be a sort of 'Supreme Court', whose decisions would be accepted as law for all of Europe. However, in this recent case

    in Germany, the German court ruled against such a notion, feeling that they must simply take the Commission's rulings

    into consideration, rather than obey them strictly.

    The WTS has sometimes succeeded in using the Commission to remove legal challenges in individual nations as if

    it was supreme and sovereign over Europe. That view could erode, as this case shows.


  • Pole


    Don't make it simple. Make it clear. Who exactly set up the "Comission on Human Rights" and why exactly do you call these people/institution/organisation Eurocrats?

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    metatron; i see what you are saying. the wt has been lobbying the european court or euro commission. to over rule . single countries ie france, russia, belgium, etc. and my jw dad was just telling me today the wt is not political. lol john

  • Abaddon

    All EU members have their parlimentary democracies, a bit of varience, like the Netherlands and the UK where a King or Queen is an effectively powerless head-of-state.

    In additon to the Members of Parliament, each country also elect Members to the European Parliament. All laws passed by the EU are made and approved by the European Parliament.

    Engagement with the European Parliament is low, turn outs for European elections ate terrible; the EU is often characterised as being run by unelected officials - normally by people who didn;t bother voting in the European elections.

    Lots of people are just failling to realise that a United States of Europe, or a European Union of States, is a historical eventuality, and will probably extend from Ireland to Russia and from Tunisia to Norway by the end of this century.

  • RunningMan
    a United States of Europe, or a European Union of States, is a historical eventuality

    I don't know much about European politics, but I have to wonder how a union of this sort would be held together. The United States shares a (mostly) common origin, and has spent a couple of centuries homogenizing and strengthening its nationalism. I don't get the impression that the European nations could ever be all that united - not more than an economic marraige of convenience, anyway.

    On the other hand, it seems to me that the trend is towards more local autonomy. In my own country, Quebec periodically tries to leave and go its own way. Native groups want self government. It seems like everyone wants to govern themselves, not hand over power to central governments.

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