Our Family is devasted.

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  • morty

    Sorry, I have not been able to return all pms right away but, I will tomorrow.

    between being at the hospital today, working and being at the school I have had no time. Thank you all for your concerns and compassion you have showed me.

    Today was a better day for my son at school.

    They did bring in the professionals for the kids to talk to if they needed/wanted it...

    Love Morty

  • Special K
    Special K

    In response to Czar's

    She's old enough in certain states to get married with parental consent...

    I agree, it depends though on where you live.

    My 15 year old brought home the new " Sex?--A Healthy Sexuality Resource" and chucked it on the kitchen table the other day. He says he's not going to get caught dead with that book in his backpack or his locker..(grin..that's another story though)

    Anyway this has just about EVERYTHING in here.

    The section on "What is consent?" is very interesting under the Canadian Law. Here is what it says:

    and I quote:

    "The legal age of sexual consent in Nova Scotia is 14.

    The exception to this is that a person who is 12 or 13 can consent to sexual activity but only with a person who is less than 2 years older than he or she is. This means for example, that a 13 year old can consent to sexual activity with a 15 year old, but sexual activity between a 13 year old and a 16 year old is illegal.

    There are times when consent is NOT legally possible.

    - A child under age 12 can NEVER give legal consent to sexual activity.

    -There can be no legal consent when a person is drunk, drugged, asleep, or passed out.
    -There cannot be legal consent when one person is under the age of 18 and the other is in a position of authority or trust -- for example, a teacher, neighbour, parent, older sibling, babysitter, relative, or coach. This is because there can be no voluntary consent unless the two people are equal. If one person has power over the other, consent is not legally possible.I guess then "if" there was sexual activitiy then the teacher is in big trouble if the parents of the 14 year old decide to press charges. Time will tell, because no one knows what happened yet.

    End of quote

    Time will tell what has happened here or what has NOT happened.

    I am curious if this law applies to all of Canada or only the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Maybe each individual province has its own law. The United States seems to be that way you need to find out the law for each individual state.. as you mentioned Czar.

    Special K

    I wonder what the laws are in Ontario, Canada?..Hmm? Any you apostates from Ontario know?

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