Our Family is devasted.

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  • morty

    I am going to post some links. If they donnot work when "clicking" on, could someone please change it for me? I would like to make it easy for people to read.Thank for your help.




    Our small community and family have been devasted by his news.Jayme Melnick is my youngest sons teacher and also taught my oldest son in 2002 and 2003.

    I cannot get in to alot of details right now, as there is a big investigation but we are in disbelief right now.

    This teacher is my youngest sons teacher right now and he is devestated...

    We had a 14 year old girl go missing on Tuesday afternoon and when you live in a small town, news travels like wild fire.She was safely brought home on Thursday and on Friday morning we woke to this horrifying news all over the tv, radio and front page of the newspaper.We opted to keep out kids home on Friday because the press,media and police were around like wild fire.

    This is the only stuff you read in the news paper or see on the news.I can tell you when it happens right in your home that there is alot of unsettle feelings going on.

    My children and myself have not done well this week/weekend.How do you tell a 12 year old that his hero may be in alot of trouble and will more then likely not be back to teach you??

    I have to tell you this guy is the cream of the crop teachers. he would bend over backwards to help a child.On a personal note, he brought the best out of my oldest child. He finally made school fun for him. We struggled for many years for him to attend school never mind do well at it. His last 2 years at public school were the best memories he had of school and had turned his whole outlook around of the way he thinks about education. He also made him think he was worthy of himself and could and can accomplish anything he wants to do with his life. In Sept of this year I trusted this teacher so much that i requested that he teach my youngest son and again he had brought the best out of him....

    I am so lost for words right now....

    Thanks for listening....


  • candidlynuts

    wow.. hopefuly the school will be providing some damage control counseling for the students of this teacher.. if they arent the parents should demand it.

  • kls

    That is hard to understand when a loved teacher does something like this. What a sad situation for all .

  • frenchbabyface

    I don't know what to say even if I can understand that you are devasted (((Morty))) by this news, anyway by now he have been only charged, the authority still need an explanation ... and what you see and know about him and your sons and others experiences with him can be only a part of him (it wouldn't be the first time and the first guy)... we have to think about the kids (those who might takes risks) he is not supposed to walk away with any kid without her/his parents consent / no news or anything ...

    of course there can be lots of reasons (for or against the charge) Wait and see ...

  • Mulan

    That is so sad. I feel badly for what you are going through.

    The year after I finished high school, my former Biology teacher (late 30's) got one of the Junior girls pregnant. She was 16. They got married and that was the end of it. That was in 1964. My how times have changed.

  • Odrade

    What's the rest of the story here? Was he molesting this girl, or trying to help her?

    This story doesn't read like the typical predator/student news stories, I can't put my finger on it, but it seems like there's a huge piece of the puzzle missing. It could be just another case of sexual predator, but without more information I just wonder.

    Maybe the questions are because I've been around teens, and am friends with a Freshman guidance counselor. She's told me some stories about kids in trouble that can't get any help because no one believes they are in imminent danger/suicidal/no one sees physical evidence of abuse in the home.

    I really hope this isn't yet another case of sexual predation on minors. Crap, I hate it when the good guys turn out to be the bad guys.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    How shocking and sad for you and your fam, ((((Morty))))! I hope that it IS a misunderstanding and that the kids get the counseling they need.



  • xenawarrior

    ((((((((((((Morty))))))))) My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Beans

    This is terrible!

    I know a friend of ours had a friend who was an Air Canada Pilot and was considered a very respectable friend and great person until he was nabbed by the cops in a sting operation going to meet a young girl through the internet.

    The bottom line is always be on your guard, the elder who abused my sister was a close friend of my parents and considered a great guy too.

  • BluesBrother

    "Young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy - Dont stand so, dont stand so, dont stand so close to me" - song by the "Police" many years ago.

    I do not wish to be thought flippant about a horrible and serious situation. The song just came straight to mind.. Come to think of it , I believe that Sting had formerly been a teacher.............Hmmm.

    As you say, when it touches your community and your family it must be horrible. I hope your children adjust ok.

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