News article: No potentially deciding votes among Jehovah's Witnesses

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    Not confidential to the HQ confidential to the rest of the JWs. For example It is common belief that all JWs in lands they are not banned in go D2D that is not the case. But instead of saying there is a pocket of jws in X-land that only do informal witnessing is not broadcasted. Also with the blood issue it was accepted that whole blood and the four parts we taboo but fractions was a totally different matter. You would be DFed in some countires for things allowed in another. Not while this may be small to you it is far from unilateral.

    Also what rose colored glasses am i using my picture is far more disbolical than the one you discribe.

    Beliefs mean little in JW land. So those dribblings from HQ are really not that impressive. So what if they are the belief factory for JWs. In a normal church they may have imense value, but JW beliefs are like serials. Ment to keep people buying literature.

    It is funny the concept of subscribing to a magazine for the sole purpose of letting you know what you believe. "OMG, I can't wait til next months issue to see if i still believe that."

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    BTW now watchtowers are cartering to this. Many new issues have disclaimers or footnotes that basically mean check with your local elders to see if you do this in your area. Hence alot of jws being told "no that was for the friends in land-x not here".

    It is a really funny idea dual opposing doctrines take a while to get used to. All JWs worship the same way* around the world.

    * ways worship will vary check local listings.

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    Happy Guy :)

    Also the WTS has tried to force new speak on JWs. Prefering to be called the brach instead of the society on more formal situations

    Interesting comment XQ and do you know why they are trying to force this recently?

    My guess is to remove themselves from legal liability from all the lawsuits facing the courts right now. I suspect they will now try and argue that the elders and congregations were acting on their own and (possibly) against WT policy regarding sexual abuse. This way when the hammer falls it will only fall on individual congregations. It looks to me like they think they can get all the JWs to run around saying: There is no HQ or leadership just another independant branch in Brooklyn; there are no official policies and directives handed down to congregations on major issues; congregations make up their own individual religious other words sing the new company line. My guess is this would be designed to try and create a new (false) image for the public and the courts in order to avoid responsibility and potential legal liability for their actions.

    I also notice that you mentioned the elders are now tightening the control reigns with their attitude of "You're either with us or against us". It sounds to me like they want to make sure that there is absolutely no doubt that the only ones left will sing the new company line when the time comes. It sounds to me like they don't want any surprises from a brother or a sister with a conscience when talking to the public or authorities (or testifying in court). Rather, they want only those who will stick hard and fast to the "Theocratic Warfare" policy of lying to protect the cult WT.

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    HG not only did you deduce correctly, but you almost word for word explained what my friend in bethel told me a few months ago. The NY area is now basically the mecca for JWs not an HQ. The book company is the only thing they wana keep a choke hold on that will stay thiers, but since only a hand full of jws work there, and lawyers are the final draft editors, and this country has free press fat chance sueing that. Like in islam while it might be the most important place for the adherents there is no muslim pope that unilateraly represents or takes civil resposiblity for all muslims. So you can't sue a muslim church for 911 for example.

    The problem is JWism. JWs have be farmed to believe all roads lead to NY. Legaly this is a bad thing. Look at the catholic church. The WTS on paper destroyed that system a long time ago because I assume it has better lawyers than the Pope. THe problem is the jws sueing them don't believe them and in some places neither do the judges.

    Now we are having several layers of obscurifacation in JW speak to the point each JW has to try to remember what is the "real belief". Oddly the average JW is slacking off so much that many dont know the change or accidentaly tell the confidential info, or worse the original belief.

    Take the GB. They are the leaders of all jws, they control the watchtower, they are the board of directors. You really are suppossed to awnser no to all these things. Yet if you fall out of line the first thing the elders ask are do you believe the fds or gb are god's channel, or is the watchtower god's spirit directed org.

    If a non-profit org can be guilty of such a thing what they are doing is rackteering. Phantom leaders or leader laundering is illegal, but because the courts hate wading throught religion nobody will dare make a case in fear of the 1st amendment.

    What the WTS wants is some telepathic collective consciousness. That does not exist in real life. So the best they can do is disband jws, and use the publications as the conscience of the branches and their underlings.

    So for example they don't want to DF any JW for voting. THey simply want all jws not to vote. THe problem happens what if a jw votes? You make them feel guilty for it in the publications. WHat if they don't feel guilty? You are now stuck. You can't DF or DA them (this is a hypothetical scenario bear with me) the best you can do is brand them as "weak", but now you are like "christiandom" where anything goes. If the JWs find out the policy to df or da is decided by the branch (not world wide) and not god there is a schizm.

    The new blood issue is a new technique confuse everybody (jws, elders, doctors, lawyers) tell them to do what every they feel is right, and issue a gag order.

    Right now they are trying to court pious or weak minded people, and run the normal people out of the org. THe pious ones will say "I am better than the world because I dont do X", the weak minded people will do what the pious ones do to please them.

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